Pain, Pain, and More Pain

Crap! My back was seriously pissed at me for the past week or so. My lower back mostly. And it was radiating out into my hips. So, about two days ago, I decided it was time to resume stretching. I haven’t been running. An explanation as to why is for another post. Suffice it to type, not running meant not stretching.

Anyway, stretching: I haven’t been doing yoga level stretching. Honestly, do you know how hard it is to find any beginner’s yoga online? I’ve tried a few. Yeah, not cool. I really think most yoga instructors never truly worked with someone as tightly strung as me. So, I’ve been doing the stretches I was taught in school back in the ’70s. And guess what? They are doing the trick. And just after a few days.

This morning, I will finish this post, say good morning to Tina, who is banging about in the kitchen, having just woken up, and then stretch before hitting the shower. You all have a great day. And keep in mind that all of ‘this’ shall pass. It always does. It always will.