And It Moves a Little Bit Closer

Tina’s boss has come down with COVID. And since she had close interactions with him due to training on the new state-wide online DL system, I’ve chosen to stay home and get tested. It’s scheduled for 2:00 PM. It’s the rapid saliva test. So I should know the results before the end of the day.

When COVID first started its run back in February/March, we in the residential programs were told it was a matter of when, not if, we would get infected. I have considered myself lucky to have gone this long without getting sick. And, as is usually the case, now I think I have some symptoms. Mostly just a scratch in the throat. However, I also have sinus issues. So, yeah, it’s more likely to be the confluence of my sinuses and the dry, cold weather, not COVID.

Because I work in a residential setting, it’s better safe than sorry in regards to work. So, I’ll get the test, and if it’s negative, I will go to work tomorrow. If it’s positive – well, I’ll let you know.