She’s With Dad

I do not have the time to write this post properly. It would take hours. I have only about 15 minutes.

Mom passed away quietly in her sleep at the hospital last night. I am not devastated because she was in pain and she was suffering. She is at rest now. And she is with dad, and with her son, my brother, Eric.

I did my mourning on Tuesday when she told me she was ready to die. She made a strong case for this decision. She told me she had lived a good life and was content. She had watched her family grow, face and overcome challenges, and were now spread out across the state and the country. There was no anger, no resentment in her voice. Just acceptance.

Last night, when Faith told me of her passing, I was less sad (though I feel it) and more relieved. She is where she wanted to go, and my love goes with her.

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