No Use Crying Over Spilled Coffee…….

Yeah, about that. Woke up this morning when the alarm sounded at 5:00 AM. Even though I set up the grounds, I did not hit the auto button on my coffee machine. So, on my way to the bathroom I groggily hit the on button to get my coffee brewed. Interestingly enough, when I came out of the bathroom, I noticed the carafe sitting in the dry rack. Then I notice the coffee, and grounds, all over the table and floor.

Needless to say my usual routine of writing in my journal was put aside for the obvious task of cleaning up my mess. Now, 35 minutes later I am sitting here, typing away, with a fresh brewed cup of hot, black coffee. Hell no! there is no cream or sugar. My stupidity goes only so far.

Oh, okay, that was harsh. It has been a bad morning.