I have a Black & Decker Coffee pot with an auto start feature. So, every morning I wake up to the wonderful smell of fresh brewed coffee. This morning when the alarm went off something was missing. I did not notice it consciously at first; it nagged at the back of my awareness. I actually fed the cats and hit the bathroom before I discovered the coffee pot was sitting empty.

And no, the coffee machine is not malfunctioning – I am. I failed to set the auto feature last night when I went to bed. Not something I am wont to do on a regular basis. However, I came to the realization that with my coffee pot I am spoiled. Right now I miss having my cup of coffee sitting to the left of me as I either write in my journal or type away at a blog post or make a comment at another blog.

Also: no I am not sitting naked in my mother’s basement eating Cheetos as I type this. First, I live alone in a house I rent. That is right boys and girls! I actually pay rent. I even have a job! Is that not just amazing. Okay, you in the back row, stop snickering before I find something to throw. Second, my parents do not have a basement. Third, I prefer Earl’s Cheese Puffs over Cheetos any day of the week – and twice on Sunday.

Alright you in the back row! Shut it! I have raw eggs in my refrigerator and I am not afraid to use them!

Update: Yeah! My coffee is ready. Thank God! The world is safe now.