Catching Up On Stats

11/12/2018 / 08:42 am, in Duluth, United States

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And I Finally Hit The Pavement

It’s been 6 days since I ran and I was pleasantly surprised at my pace and heart rate this morning. I’ve been sick most of the week. On Tuesday I spent 20 hours in bed, actually sleeping. My stomach has been and nauseous and uneasy. Even as I type this it is gurgling. But the heartburn that was actually painful only lasted for about two days.

Anyway, I’ll be getting caught up on my stats. I’m going to go meet mom at Peggy Sue’s for a delays Thanksgiving Dinner.

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Incremental Marathon Update

I ran this morning. I also ran Friday morning. I’ve got about 3 days of stats to post sometime in the future.

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Vet Visit

A certain someone, a batshit crazy kitten named Smokey, is going to the vet for further shots, a trimming of her front claws, and possibly the implant of a chip. Right now she’s chasing some noisy toy in the living room.

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Updating my Macs.

It’s taking quite some time to install the latest update to the iMac and MacBook Air. But in today’s world I can access the internet in a myriad of ways.

I suspect the MacBook Air will take less time than the iMac.

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Yes, I was cray cray and went for a run this morning. Stats will be posted later.

The other update is about college. I saw my academic advisor today. He gave me the proposal guideline I’ll need to write for my bachelors. I’m blending my addiction studies with psychology. So I’m actually going to be attending two colleges. Well, sorta.

I’m supposed to write about where I came from, where I’m at, and where I want to go. That way the two colleges can suggest classes for my bachelors and any further academic courses afterwards.

I’m excited. I’m getting closer to my goal.

All in all a good day.

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Do I or Don’t I?

It’s 19 degrees outside with a wind of 11 mph. Do I go running or don’t I? I’m actually contemplating yes as the answer. I know. I know. I’m crazy. But it’s so fun.

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True That

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Assignments Done!

I had three response assignments needing to be done by 11:59 PM. And they are all now completed. I can rest for the remainder of the night.

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