IM Update #∞ (Because I’ve Lost Count)

Just Keep Running

I’m seriously struggling with my pace. But I’m still getting it done. And that’s what counts.

Serious Lack of Effort

Just Keep Running

Yes, it has been quite some time since last I ran. Twenty days, to be exact. And my break from exercise has had its detrimental effect. I decreased over a minute in my pace per mile.

I’ve not any plans to proclaim a commitment to improve my effort. I’m just looking to get back into my usual routine of running. Nothing more, nothing less. Part of today’s intent was simply to move. I wasn’t looking to break records in pace, heart rate, or distance. I simply planned on generating a sweat. And what with the weather – it had just stopped raining before I left the house – sweating was not a problem.


“We are what they grow beyond.“

Gotta admit, Yoda’s got the best philosophy.

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

My particular favorite.

Just Piling It On

Because I’m such a magnificent, sadistic masochist, I mowed the lawn after my bike ride. Look upon me and marvel.

If you’re wondering where to send the flowers should I successfully kill myself, contact Tina.

Multi-workout Post

Just Keep Running

For the month of June I have switched up my exercise efforts. However, I will start by posting my first and, so far, only run for June:

Now, allow me to admit to my habit of being scatterbrained. I have, on occasion, failed to stop my workout app after completing a run. It means I have walked around the house while still recording stats. However, I managed to find a way to fix this mistake. It turns out Strava has a cropping feature. It allows me to backtrack to a point on the map where I know I completed my workout. This discovery has been beneficial, as will be explained further down in this post.

The map above shows our walk at Amnicon Falls State Park. A little park a short distance from US Highway 2. As you can see, we didn’t take the trail to the falls. Tina and I took a longer path devoid of people. It was also in the woods and kept the direct sunlight off us. A good thing, too, as it was 90 degrees. After finishing the walk, we enjoyed a simple picnic of sandwiches and pasta salad. Unfortunately, it was at this point when I forgot to turn off the Strava app. It recorded the drive from the Park office to the picnic ground. It was when I pulled up to the picnic site that I realized my error. Anyway, after finishing our meal, we headed for Pattison State Park, which was less than 20 miles away.

Pattison State Park was our second walk of the day. It was 95 degrees. Yet, despite the heat, we were comfortable. We didn’t push ourselves. Well, Tina’s back did start to get the best of her, but she toughed it through. However, as mentioned earlier, I tend to forget to stop my Strava app, precisely what happened for the second time yesterday. Unlike at Amnicon, which was a quarter-mile, I managed 7 miles at 55 mph before realizing my error this time. I am grateful for having found the cropping ability, efficiently eliminating the driving portions of both walks.

And finally, it brings me to today. I decided to break out the old bike and resume the Tour De Rook.

I am pleasantly surprised at my stats. They are not personal record-breaking. But having not seriously ridden a bicycle for several years, it was nice to go as long as I did at the pace I achieved. An average speed of 11.3 mph, a max speed of 21.3 mph, an average heart rate of 126 bpm, and a max of 141 bpm.

I caught the Waabizheshikana Trail in Riverside and took it to the taconite rail that separates Denfeld from Lincoln Park. Well, except for a small section that is closed off due to shoreline erosion. Hopefully, the city will repair it soon.

Prime of Prime

Because my brain is weird and comes up with strange questions, is there an equation that can come up with answers that are not only prime numbers but have digits that are also only prime numbers? Such as 11. It is a prime number that consisting of prime numbers. 13, 17, and 21 are such examples of prime numbers whose digits are also prime numbers. And, as I mentioned earlier because my brain is weird, it decided there needs to be a name for prime numbers made up of only prime digits; it came up with Super Prime.

Oh, and for the record, the 500th prime number is 3571, making it a Super Prime.

Or, perhaps I shall call them Prime Squared because I just thought of a third category of Prime Numbers. One where not only are the single digits prime themselves, but any number of combinations of those digits are themselves still prime. So, Prime Cubed.

And you know what the kicker is? I both hate math and suck at it.

Having Fallen Behind, I Catch Back Up

Just Keep Running

Let us return to the IM of the past. That’s because, before today, it has been 18 days since last I ran. Why? Because I started a new job and I was not feeling the best physically. So, I took a break.

Pushing Keys

Yeah, uh……. not sure what I am going to write. I honestly have no point I want to make. I’ve no grip. Not a bitch to voice at all. So, you’ve got to be wondering what the hell I’m going on about? I just had a hankering to post something on my blog. It has been a while. Some people manage two, three, or even ten posts a day. I’m lucky if I have the gumption to create two posts in a week. Most of them are about running. Sometimes they are about our cats. On occasion, I voice some political or social opinion. However, they tend to be loosely formed and without specific evidence to support them. It’s not that the evidence doesn’t exist; it’s that I’m too damn lazy to research, instead just surfing the headlines of the major news outlets.

Oh! There it is. I heard it. Did you? The collective gasp as people clutch their pearls because I dare to surf the headlines and not dig deeper. Whatever. I don’t dig deeper because most headlines are misleading; the stories focus on generating fear to suck the readers deeper and increase clicks or drive up ratings. If I’m going to post a political or social opinion, I want it guided by facts. I’ll scour a few stories to see what facts are consistent across the media landscape.

However, I avoid religious sites. They are notorious for cherry-picking only those facts that support their ideology and denigrate all other doctrines. Once upon a time, the Christian Science Monitor was a great news magazine. They had enough faith in their beliefs that exposure to other facts did not threaten them. But that was a different time before planes hit buildings and the nation collectively shit its pants. Faith that all is part of a bigger plan got lost. Suddenly, the Children of Creation started pointing their fingers, denying each other that status. We all are of Creation. We are all part of the Whole. The belief that all are belonging to the whole weakened.

And that’s the problem today. Many peoples’ beliefs are weak. They do not have enough faith in what they believe, afraid of any information which counters what they desperately cling to in a vain effort to avoid the perception that their religion, ideology, or doctrines are false. But these constructs are not fact-based. Metaphysics is about accepting we have very little knowledge about life and the universe. Ultimately, it’s about our lack of facts. Scientific methods work towards changing how we understand life because of the realization we lack facts. Religions, ideology, and doctrines also need to be about dealing with and accepting change. Change for which we have no understanding. To embrace change without facts showing how and why it is needed is not only reasonable; it is necessary. Those people desperately clinging to their way of thinking without allowance for change seem always to be the same who are afraid and angry.

Permanence is an illusion. Impermanence is the foundation of life. The only permanence in life is that it changes. Grasp the paradox that life changes is permanence, and we all might find the peace we seem to have lost.

Well, would you look at that. Seems I found a point.

I Have Not A Sad

Lack of privacy

This Wired story does not produce one single tear of concern. Look deep in my eyes, and all you’ll see is a desert. I have the Sierra Desert of eyes.

It may have looked like little more than a war of words between two rivals, but Facebook – which warned of the “headwind” posed by iOS 14.5 in its 2020 accounts – was right to be concerned. Since the update went live last month iPhone owners have been opting out of data tracking in their droves. According to Flurry Analytics, 85 per cent of worldwide users clicked ‘ask app not to track’ when prompted, with the proportion rising to 94 per cent in the US. Apple did not respond to requests to comment.


I have never believed my data belonged to any business. And if they are making money on my data and online behavior, then I deserve appropriate compensation. I spend 1/3 of my life getting paid for work that someone else makes money off; I believe that concept applies to what I do online. I am not an internet slave. Do you want to make money off of me? Well, then you damn well owe me a cut.