I Have A Secret To Tell

I have begun the second draft of my novel. I realized it was just not possible for me to dictate my rough draft into text files. The agony of reading my pathetic, horrible writing was killing me in a slow, agonizing death of a thousand cuts.

Yes, I know. It is a bit dramatic is it not?

Anyway, I have replaced my morning journal writing with novel writing. Still on the first chapter, but I am not planning on any timeline at the moment. I will finish it when I finish it.

However, I am in need of readers. People that understand they are not to tell me where my story is to go, but instead can tell me if they are understanding where my story is going. If you think you understand what I am saying, explain so in the comments of this blog.

Yes, I am posting this on Facebook, but if you really are interested, please leave your response on my blog.

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