2013 Tour De Rook – Leg 27

To the stats!

  1. Temperature: 68°FTour_Rook
  2. Wind: W 10 mph Gusts 21
  3. Humidity: 30%
  4. Miles: 10.49
  5. Time: 0:44:25
  6. Max Speed: 26.4 mph
  7. Average Speed: 14.1 mph
  8. iPod: Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon
  9. Temperature: 63°F
  10. Wind: SW 8 mph
  11. Humidity: 39%

Why two sets of weather stats? Because I went riding just before sunset. By the time I returned to home the sun had hit the horizon and the wind, temperature, and humidity had changed enough for me to feel warranted in posting the difference. I have no doubt the change in wind had a big difference in my overall performance.

And  yes, I am aware that I took over a week off from the Tour. I have not been feeling the best. My stomach has been bothering me. Also, I have been busy with other things. But there was nothing holding me back tonight from riding. But now it is time for me to make something to eat and to change the sheets on my bed. I want clean sheets after taking a shower.