Almost Done!

I finished Biology 1001. I took my last exam this morning and managed 87%. I’m happy with that. I also turned in my last assignments for PSY 3801. It was a statistical course, Introduction to Psychological Measurement and Data Analysis. I still have one exam, and then I am completely, utterly, fantastically done with the Fall Semester.

For the record, worse semester ever. Not the classes but what life threw at me the last six months. How I managed to get passing grades is beyond me. I look to be getting a B in Biology, which I am overjoyed about. I look to be holding onto a C in the Psychology class, with which I am content. Considering that I was switching jobs, making multiple trips to Green Bay while Tina dealt with the passing of her mother, including handling the estate, and then Tina having emergency surgery to remove her rupturing aneurysm, I’m grateful I finished my classes.