Oh, By The Way

I went for a quick run today.

I hope to gradually improve to where I am running 3 miles in 40 minutes. But I’m not focusing on improving. I’m focusing on stretching, simple upper body work, and then running three times a week. I’ll let the improvement work itself out.

Oh, the simple upper body work is alternating between push-ups and planking. Three sets for both. I’m currently at 25 push-ups per set and 40 seconds for planking. Around 2016/2017, I managed 75 push-ups per set and 2 minutes per plank. I was also down to 209 pounds and running close to a 9:00-minute mile. I’m not seeing that anytime soon. And I don’t want to become discouraged, so I’m not looking to improve my stats. I’m just looking to put in the effort to work out.