2nd Suspect Caught

Uh, yeah. Cool. Except, well….. there are more out there. The two that were identified in the videos were not the only ones. This attempt at closure by the authorities is misplaced. And trust me when I say they are all talking as if this chapter is closed. As a counselor, I work at creating closure quite regularly.

But closure is about an ending. The bombing on Monday, and the resultant man hunt are but a start. It is not even close to an ending.

Do not get me wrong. I believe that the actions this past week by all the agencies involved was by far some of the strongest proof that terrorism is best handled by police work, not military intervention. I also believe that the agencies did bring their A-game. They kicked ass.

It is the attempted effort at closure that I am having difficulty in accepting. There are more out there; of this I have no doubt. It is one thing to discuss what has occurred so far in this case; to share information to give the population a sense of security. It is another to give an impression that everything is now done. Everything is not done. There is still more police and investigative work to be completed. There are more terrorists to apprehend.