If I had wanted cream and sugar, why the hell would I order the damn coffee?

Home Improvements.

For the record, I hate doing house repairs. But that doesn’t mean I can’t do them. I just don’t like doing them. So, when I actually do repairs around the house, I think I deserve to brag. So, yeah, this is a bragging post. Anyway, I had to do one repair and one construction job this week.

The repair was the shower/walk-in tub. The hose for the hand-held shower sprung a leak. Unfortunately, it’s an old tub. It means the fixtures are non-standard. That meant figuring out how to jury-rig today’s shower hoses with yesterday’s fittings. In the end, I had to buy an 8-inch dishwasher hose, one package of two 1/2 inch to 3/8 inch fittings (even though I only needed one) and a 3/8 male to 3/8 male fitting so I could connect two 3/8 inch female hose fittings. As the picture shows, the hose no longer retracts into the tub’s interior. That’s because a 1/2 inch fitting does not fit through the hole.

Oh, and all this took about 4 hours due to having to make three trips to the store, one of which was due to forgetting my wallet. This is why I hate doing home repairs. If I could afford a plumber, I’d have rather gone that route.

The other project was the building of a shelf. Now, I’d done something similar in the past, so it didn’t take nearly as long as the shower hose debacle. I bought a 10-foot chain, a 6-foot long board that was 9 inches wide, 4 threaded open hooks, and 4 bolt & nut hooks. And ta-da! one functional shelf in the basement. Now we can watch TV while using the treadmill.

So, there you are. Home repair projects successfully completed. Not necessarily enjoyed (the shower hose repair), but of which I can be proud. Now, I’ve got some light switches to work on, but that’s a completely different type of repair I am definitely not looking forward to doing.


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