Vast Improvement

After all the years of listening to physical fitness gurus talk about the benefits of being healthy, I’m seriously starting to feel the benefits. I am not doing any radical exercise routine, nor starving myself to death with any diet. I am simply running and doing push-ups. No cross-fit training. No Iron Man workout. No 300 physical system, etc, etc, etc.

I am feeling better, both emotionally and physically. I am eating less because I am just not as hungry and I feel fuller quicker. And I am drinking lots of water.

Oh, and the weight loss is finally showing up! I have now become too small for my 2XL t-shirts. I am back down to XL. My belt is getting to be too big for me, I’ll have to go to a 34 inch.

What really surprises me is my heart rate. I am getting a stronger heart, no doubt. I ran hard today, yet the majority of my heart rate was in the cardio range instead of the peak range.