Incremental Marathon Part ∞x∞

Not a bad feeling run after having taken a week off from exercising. Anyway, I am pleased. Unfortunately, I’ve gained weight. At my best, I was at 215. Currently, I’m at 231. And I can feel the extra 16 pounds when I run. Hell, I can feel the extra pounds just walking about the house and at home.

It means working harder at maintaining my exercise routine. In addition to feeling the weight in my daily activities, I also struggle with sleep. Again, it’s about maintaining a routine. In this case, it’s about meditating at night before bed. I listen to an isochronic tone set to the low spectrum from the site There are over 200 different noise generators. Some are great at increasing alertness. Others do an admirable job of creating drowsiness, such as the isochronic tone I mentioned earlier. In the morning, I listen to Neuromodulator. It does an excellent job of eliminating and/or reducing my tinnitus. I donated money to the site, so I have a wide range of sounds available. However, you don’t have to donate money, and you’ll still have a good selection of sounds.