The Castle

Now that we are moved into our new place it’s the start of the adjustment phase. Resuming usual routines require the incorporation of the physical layout of the house and the location of simple things like light switches, appliances, etc. Plus, there’s still the unpacking that needs to occur. Yet, already there’s a level of comfort in this house that did not exist in the last place we lived. For one thing, we no longer have to walk down a flight and a half of stairs outside to do laundry. We have one flight, all inside. Nor is there a driveway up a hill that was impossible to climb after a heavy snowfall, or after a sloppy thaw.

Another interesting fact is that the cats have quickly settled in. The last time we moved Cinnamon was pissed for days on end, hissing at anyone’s approach, cat or human. She remained hidden behind the couch for at least 24 hours. Here? She was out from behind the couch in less that 12 hours, exploring and smelling. She quickly discovered she could sit on the back of the couch look out the picture window and watch the traffic.

Of the most importance is the coffee station. Though on a temporary table, we have the basics laid out. Now it’s just a matter of finding a more appropriate sized table to use – the old table is too long for the layout of this kitchen.

Finally, the lighting of this house is problematic. We are going to need more lamps. And I have to rehang a lamp in the kitchen. But it is a small problem, not something so horrible as to cause regret. Not when I look out the back door and see my backyard.

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