If I had wanted cream and sugar, why the hell would I order the damn coffee?

Fall Grades

Two classes, both with -A! And here’s the kicker – I didn’t put all that much effort into creating quality for the assignments. That is, I didn’t get all worked up about writing the perfect content for my various assignments. I just wrote. I did the work, I didn’t care about the quality of the work.


I did the effort.

And honestly, not all that much effort was required.

Next semester I’m taking three classes. 9 credits. Might have to put more effort into taking the time to do the work. Honestly, I would wait until the day they were due and then get them done. I know I could work on the various assignments earlier, but somehow I couldn’t get motivated until the last day. Funny, but I never felt pressured by time when I did get started. Other than once or twice I managed to get the assignments done with hours to spare before the deadline.

So, I guess you’re wondering – am I bragging or complaining?

Most definitely bragging.

Considering the horror that was school when I was a kid, and even in my 30s when going to college in the earlier 90s for my Alcohol and Drug Counseling certificate, what I’m experiencing now is a joy. I am enjoying the process of learning. In fact, I’m enjoying that I am learning. I’ve given up on worrying about what the teacher thinks of my work and I focus on what I am learning.

It really is about focus isn’t it. I mean, to hell with the grades. To hell with what I think the teacher wants to see. My job is to simply write about what I’ve learned. In the end that’s what counts.


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