Because Science Is Damn Cool!

Hat Tip: Bark Bark Woof Woof

This is by far the best start to a Monday in a long time!

The Continue Adventures of BAC & RAC

Cinnamon, The Big Ass Cat, is excitedly taking a nap on my Shitty Ass Recliner.
Kang, The Ridiculous Ass Cat, is posing for the camera. Or playing with my nasty toes.
The Ridiculous Cat now demands even more attention. Or wants to play with my camera’s strap.

Breakfast Time!

Just waiting on my electric griddle to heat up, then it is hash browns, bacon, and scrambled eggs! I can already taste them.

Update: Picture added of breakfast.

plate of food
My Morning Breakfast!

And yes, I know that someone, somewhere on the internet, is going to bitch that I am wasting valuable internet space; that I should be focusing on some damn issue that is important to them. Really? I am not able to post an issue important to me because you think your issue is more important? Yeah, about that: MD*.

* Middle digit.