Breakfast Time!

Just waiting on my electric griddle to heat up, then it is hash browns, bacon, and scrambled eggs! I can already taste them.

Update: Picture added of breakfast.

plate of food
My Morning Breakfast!

And yes, I know that someone, somewhere on the internet, is going to bitch that I am wasting valuable internet space; that I should be focusing on some damn issue that is important to them. Really? I am not able to post an issue important to me because you think your issue is more important? Yeah, about that: MD*.

* Middle digit.

3 thoughts on “Breakfast Time!

  1. From a shop in Hastings. He’s in old downtown. It’s part of a set of 8 Gayle and I bought years and years ago. When we broke up, I got the stoneware. Plates, bowls, and coffee cups.

    1. Looks like a nice set. I bought a set from Donald.
      Don’t buy any more, I can make you something now.

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