Online Social Connections

I’ve been contemplating a total switch from Facebook to either my blog or to MeWe. The problem as I see it is the inability of stand-alone blogs to connect to others with ease. The success of Facebook was its ability to allow others to connect without the hassle of running an entire back end program….


New Theme

Just trying on a new outfit. Plus I made some other minor adjustments to the way posts are displayed on other sites, such as Facebook.

A Thought

In the eyes of your monster, you are the monster.

The New Year

First, let me say without hesitation – 2019 sucked! Completely and totally. There, I got that off my chest. Now, about 2020. I’m open to it being better than 2019 was. However, I am not going to get all demanding and insistent. No need to jinx the New Year. Instead, I’m going to resume my…

Horrible Weather

It is currently raining here in Duluth with 27 mph winds. So, that means despite the rain, the house is dry. As a result, my sinuses are pissed, i.e., causing a headache. And yet I will have to go out into this weather and clear the slush off the driveway before tomorrow’s freeze.

She’s With Dad

I do not have the time to write this post properly. It would take hours. I have only about 15 minutes. Mom passed away quietly in her sleep at the hospital last night. I am not devastated because she was in pain and she was suffering. She is at rest now. And she is with…

Incremental Marathon

It was one month ago today I last did any exercise. I finally stepped onto the treadmill today and did 20 minutes at 5 mph. My heart rate shows I lost conditioning. I didn’t exceed my max heart rate, but I passed aerobic well before 10 minutes of running and spent 14 minutes in the…

About Mom

So, some back story: my mom has a rare genetic disorder that is in the marrow of her bones. She was tested, and they decided on the best medication to deal with the genetic disorder. This disorder cause anemia. Unfortunately, it also causes severe illness for about two months. For the past two weeks, she…

An Old Internet Classic

It’s still around. And in HD!