Snow Blower

Finally was able to use my new snow blower. Great improvement over using a shovel. However, I’ve got my fingers crossed that it will be the first and last time I use it this season.

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Update on Cinnamon

Well, it’s not broken, nor is it her hip. Her right rear leg has either a sprained tendon or bone cancer. I’m pretty sure is a sprain. However, she has lost 7 pounds since last she was weighed in 2012.  She eats and drinks up a ton. So, it has to be a thyroid problem. The blood tests ruled out kidney and liver problems. Anyway, I am much more relieved. I tell you, I was getting an upset stomach worrying about the worse case scenarios.

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Something is wrong with Cinnamon’s right rear leg. It’s not that she is in pain. She just seems to not have control over it. When she stretches she can’t straighten it out like she can the others. I have an appointment for her to see the vet at 9:00 AM. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried.

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Yesterday I could not find my magnetic key badge for work. I must have torn the house apart 3 times, looking in every conceivable spot, and even searching my car a few times, all to no avail. Well, this morning I went out to the car again to give it an even more thorough search. Within seconds I found it hiding between the passenger’s seat and the center compartment. It had been pushed down so I could not see the badge itself. And with both the badge reel and my seats being black, I didn’t notice it until I caught a glint of the aluminum clip.

Calamity diverted. I did not relish the idea of having to email the office manager and report I’d lost my badge. Just thinking about it causes a shutter to run down my spine.

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I live in a time where this is a thing. My life is complete.

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Nerve Center

And here, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the nerve center of the house. The picture’s a bit blurry, but you get the jest of it.

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Office is Unpacked!

I rearranged my desk to the opposite wall so I am now facing east and am downhill (the house is far from level) which keeps me from straining my lower back in the effort to keep my chair from rolling backward. Also, books are back in the bookshelf, and my journals are also unpacked in on their bookshelf.

Oh, and Tina has ordered a tapestry for part of the west wall. It’s for meditating. It will fit from window to corner and ceiling to floor.

It’s the smallest room (other than the bathrooms) in the house and it’s twice the size of the old office at the apartment.

Now I have a ton of empty boxes to take out to the garage.

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What Degree of Incline?

With the world being round, what appears to be a flat surface when I am running really means I am running downhill. Right?

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Good Bye Pal

He was 19 years old. For a cat that’s 92 human years. He had late stage renal failure due to cancer. So, today we took him to the Superior Animal Hospital & Boarding Suites and he was put to sleep. We were with him as the medication was administered. He was calm and restful as he drifted into sleep.

I will miss him deeply. I only knew him for 5 years, but I fell for him immediately.

Good bye Freddy. You were a great friend.

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Combined Stats

Since my Apple Watch decided to act up today, I ended up with two separate posts. Combined I ran 3.57 miles in 39.58 minutes. Not bad.

Hopefully the only reason my watch acted up was because of the new update. Or it could have been my jacket brushing against the watch as I ran.

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