Okay, I’ve Got Other Plugins

A while ago I installed a Gallery Plugin that helps with organizing pictures for posts. Specifically, it does a side show. I’ve just not gotten around to playing with it. I’m thinking I just might do that today. So, hopefully, pics to follow!

Okay, it’s a bare basics, time intensive plugin. It’s going to get removed.

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Just A Test

Looking to see if the Facebook plugin I installed on my blog is working. If it is, I suspect it should post to Facebook automatically! I have my fingers crossed.

Update: Well, I finally got the Facebook links to show up on the posts! I still don’t know if it automatically sends a post from this blog onto Facebook.

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What David Atkins Said.


From Political Animal:

Frankly, that reaction is getting more than a little tiresome no matter what one’s religious beliefs might be. When terrorists used airplanes as missiles against the United States in 2011, we didn’t just pray for the victims: we changed our entire airline security system, spent billions on a new homeland security bureaucracy, and invaded not one but two countries at gigantic cost to life and treasure. When the Ebola virus threatened to break out in the United States we didn’t pray for deliverance from the plague; we went into a collective public policy and media frenzy to stop it from spreading further. When earthquakes prove our building standards are inadequate to save lives, we don’t beg the gods to avert catastrophe and pray for the victims; we spend inordinate amounts of [money] to retrofit so it doesn’t happen again.

On every major piece of public policy in which lives are taken needlessly, we don’t limit ourselves to empty prayers for the victims. We actually do something to stop it from happening again.

But not when it comes to gun proliferation. On that issue we are told that nothing can be done, and that all we can do is mourn and pray for the murdered and wounded, even as we watch the news every day for our next opportunity to grieve and mourn and pray again–all while sitting back and watching helplessly.

I’ve heard and read any number of times that with God anything is possible. How than, is it not possible to do something about the killing of innocent people because of guns? And don’t give me that bullshit about people kill, not guns. Guns were designed to be efficient killing machines. If that logic escapes you, then go back to your booze while beating your fist on the bar, because I’ve got better things to do than argue with a brain dead chem-zombi. And if you don’t drink I’ll not argue with a religo-zombi. Both are dead to the world around them.

Praying for God to do something is laziness. He’s given us paths. Those who’ve made the effort to get into positions of power are just too chicken shit to actually walk them. They are too worried about not getting their money from the (wholly owned and operated by the gun manufacturing lobby) NRA to actually do their job and protect their constituents.

Cross-posted at The Agonist.

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This Is All That’s Needed To Be Said……

………. to explain the irrational, infantile behavior of the ultra religious conservatives in this country.

(Bark Bark Woof Woof) Their biggest fear is that they will now be treated the same way as they used to treat the ones they marginalized.

Bobby said what I’ve been thinking for years.

And the thing is, if they truly lived by their Christian values and beliefs, they would not have to fear being treated in the same manner they treated the marginalized.

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Saturday At Como Park With Tina

Well, where do I start? How about with simple pictures?

250 year old Bansi

250 year old Bonsi

IMG_1767Okay, we did walk around the zoo as well, but the animals really were not cooperating. And, to be honest, the amount of people made it problematic at best to take pictures. It was easier to take pictures of the plants and sculptures.

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New Show

Well, for me anyway. I’ve been getting into “True Detective” since I have HBO Now through Apple TV. It’s blowing me away. The acting is phenomenal and the story outstanding. Yes, I know, I’m late to the party. I don’t care. Despite its success and all the chatter about it on the web, I’ve managed to avoid spoilers.

Buying my Apple TV box has given me one pleasant surprise after another. I haven’t even begun to mine all the free stuff available. On top of that, I can watch past episodes of network series that I’ve missed, especially “Castle.” Granted, I have to pay a small fee, usually around $3.00 or $4.00 per episode, but it’s fine by me.

I’m also considering purchasing the entire series of “The Avatar – The Last Airbender.” Sure, it’s a kid’s cartoon from Nickelodeon, but it’s also a great story, with some pretty intelligent writing in between the children oriented humor. Also, at the end of the series, it had excellent music as well.

However, for now, I’m going to just focus on “True Detective” and worry about spending money later.

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So, It Will Soon Be Time

Time, that is, to do laundry. I’m about to hop into the shower and then pack everything into Tina’s van so I can run up to the local laundry mat. There’s one right here in Willow River, but the machines are old and small, and the dryers are unreliable.

So, anyway, what’s happening in your part of Sunday morning?

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Too Funny!

It’s been a while since I’ve actually supplied a link here at the ol’ castle, but this is seriously funny.

(Bark Bark Woof Woof):
Pollster: Do you favor such a proposal, yes or no?
Me:  Yes.
Pollster: Is that a strong “yes” or a somewhat “yes”?
Me:  It’s a binary question: it’s either “yes” or “no;” there’s no gradations to that kind of question.
Pollster (after a pause):  I understand, but is your answer a strong “yes” or a somewhat “yes”?
Me: Yes.

Now, go read the rest……..

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Alright, Alright! I’ll Post Something!

Sheesh! Everyone’s a critic. That is, if everyone happens to be the silence that is the readership of my blog.

Anyway, I do have a few announcements. One, Tina Rife and I are living together. She finished college in December, found herself unemployed in January, so we moved her from Green Bay, WI., to Willow River, MN on February 14th, 2015. That’s right, Valentine’s Day! It also happened to be the windiest day of the month. Since then we’ve worked at making what was my stark apartment into a cozy, comfortable home. Gone are my futons; one I was using for my bed and the other for a couch. Both are now in storage. We have her couch, her Queen sized bed, my love seat, and our chairs. We purchased other things to warm up the place, like an area rug. There are a lot of other improvements we’ve completed, and others we’ve planned. So far it’s gone well.

Also, though I might have already mentioned this, I have been promoted at work. It means an increase in pay with an increase with responsibilities. That too has gone well so far.

Finally, I still have tax return money left over, so I bought Apple TV. Talk about a nice way to display my MacBook Air on my HDTV! Not to mention the ability to buy movies and store them on my iCloud account. Looking forward to playing with that new toy!

Okay, that’s enough for now. Everyone can just quiet down even more than they have been and get back to not being a readership and not yelling at me, just like always.

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A Milestone

It was thirty years ago today that I took the road to recovery. Since then, not a drop of liquor, beer, or any other type of alcoholic beverage, nor any type of illicit drug, has passed by my lips. It’s been an interesting road, with a lot of failures, and a lot of successes. Thankfully the successes far out paced the failures over time. What’s really changed is that where I once saw life as struggle and misery, I now see as simply challenges and lessons to be learned.

Along the way I’ve made some enduring friendships, many whom I may only see once a year, or even farther apart than that. Yet, when I see them, it’s as if we only last saw each other yesterday. Even with our paths taking different directions, that connection of growth has lasted longer than any so-called times of fun when drinking and using.

In the end, I have to acknowledge that my recovery has been because of others – their stories, their insights, and their courage have helped me to take risks and move down roads with unknown outcomes. Many have pointed out my errors in thinking, and my poor behaviors. Many continue to do so; all to my betterment.

My 30 years of sobriety is not just a testament to my efforts, but the efforts of hundreds of others over the years, both in the program, and in my personal and professional life. So, this Milestone is less about bragging and more about being thankful.

So, my gratitude goes out to all that have helped me.

And yes, I am also still bragging!

Update: Corrected for spelling. One simple mistakes, sheesh!

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