It’s Second Saturday

Yesterday was a do-nothing First Saturday. Today? Oh, lots and lots of clothing and bedding to wash. We’ve been putting off much of the bedding because Loki would just mark them again, as is the wont of male cats when they achieve sexual maturity. However, now neutered, though he makes a gallant effort, he is…


Well, per Google. 8:47 PM Monday, July 26, 2021 (CDT) Sunset in Duluth, MN. According to the view outside, it set an hour ago. A significant storm is a-coming. Update: rain has started to splat on the house. The thunder sounds more crackly and is not booming. Trust me; it sounds scarier when it sounds…

Welcome To My First Saturday

Yeah. It’s Friday, but my first Saturday because I work 10 hour days. 3 day weekends are nice. The only problem is that Tina works my first Saturday, which sucks. So, I’m sedating my sorrow by watching “Infinity Wars” and “Endgame.” On my iMac. Through the Disney + website. It’s grand. But Tina’s not here,…

IM Update #∞ (Because I’ve Lost Count)

I’m seriously struggling with my pace. But I’m still getting it done. And that’s what counts.

Serious Lack of Effort

Yes, it has been quite some time since last I ran. Twenty days, to be exact. And my break from exercise has had its detrimental effect. I decreased over a minute in my pace per mile. I’ve not any plans to proclaim a commitment to improve my effort. I’m just looking to get back into…


“We are what they grow beyond.“ Gotta admit, Yoda’s got the best philosophy. “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” My particular favorite.

Just Piling It On

Because I’m such a magnificent, sadistic masochist, I mowed the lawn after my bike ride. Look upon me and marvel. If you’re wondering where to send the flowers should I successfully kill myself, contact Tina.

Multi-workout Post

For the month of June I have switched up my exercise efforts. However, I will start by posting my first and, so far, only run for June: Now, allow me to admit to my habit of being scatterbrained. I have, on occasion, failed to stop my workout app after completing a run. It means I…

Prime of Prime

Because my brain is weird and comes up with strange questions, is there an equation that can come up with answers that are not only prime numbers but have digits that are also only prime numbers? Such as 11. It is a prime number that consisting of prime numbers. 13, 17, and 21 are such…

Having Fallen Behind, I Catch Back Up

Let us return to the IM of the past. That’s because, before today, it has been 18 days since last I ran. Why? Because I started a new job and I was not feeling the best physically. So, I took a break.