Today’s Run

Nothing extensive, just that I chose to run a path in Howard, WI that has only one access point after I got on the trail, which meant heading southeast not knowing how long until I hit another access point. Well, it turns out there was no other access point; I ended up at the end of the trail. Thankfully it angled in such a way as limiting the distance back to Tina’s. Anyway, I am really surprised at how good it felt to run today; especially at that distance.

4.29 miles! Damn, not bad for an old man!

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Okay, Okay, Here’s A Post

I am currently ensconced at the desk/kitchen table of my Girlfriend’s apartment in Green Bay, WI. Actually, Howard, WI. I’m on vacation and enjoying this time with Tina. Tomorrow we’re heading up to Door County to take the road that was closed last year due to construction. In any case, I’m thoroughly rested and relaxed already. Oh, and I ran the local streets yesterday and even managed a pace of 11:50 minutes per mile! That’s pretty damn phenomenal for an out of shape and overweight 52 year old.

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On The Stove

Currently I have shredded potatoes boiling on the stove. The plan is to make homemade hash-browns for a meal. I’ve done it once before, but I tried to use honey as a means to make them brown better when fried. This time I’m just going for the straight potato without any additives for browning. I’ll just fry them with butter. Picture to follow if they turn out!

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Her Majesty

Her Majesty sitting on Her Throne surveying Her Kingdom.


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Just A Taste Of The Genius

This is what will be missed.

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Damn! 3.5 miles in 46 minutes wiped me out! After doing the run this morning I decided to go do laundry and get shopping done. My legs feel like they are going to fall off! Still, I know it’s doing me good. I am woefully out of condition and over weight. I’ve had nothing but sputtering starts to exercising. If it isn’t a cold, it’s my shoulder, or my lower back. However, I persevere.

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2014 Tour De Rook – Leg #12

To the stats!

  1. Temperature: 77°FTour_Rook
  2. Wind: Calm
  3. Humidity: 61%
  4. Miles: 10.87
  5. Time: 00:43:48
  6. Max Speed: 19.0 mph
  7. Average Speed: 14.8 mph
  8. iPhone: Fleetwood Mac – Rumours | Melissa Etheridge – Brave & Crazy
  9. Temperature: 79°F
  10. Wind: Calm
  11. Humidity: 58%

All things considered, not a bad run. I had to stop once to walk off a side ache. Of course, the side ache showed I was pushing myself just past my limit. It also shows I’m pitifully out of shape. But, considering the shape of many my age, I still consider myself lucky.

Alright, enough of this; it’s time for me to go do laundry.

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2014 Tour De Rook – Leg # 11

To the stats!

  1. Temperature: 64°FTour_Rook
  2. Wind: N 10
  3. Humidity: 83%
  4. Miles: 14.10
  5. Time: 00:56:02
  6. Max Speed: 19.2 mph
  7. Average Speed: 15.0 mph
  8. iPhone: None
  9. Temperature: 68°F
  10. Wind: NW 15 G 25 mph
  11. Humidity: 78%

Okay, that was surprising. I guess the jogging/running made a difference in my cardiovascular conditioning because I found I could push myself harder and feel the burn in my legs before the burn in my lungs. So, alternating between jogging and biking is going to continue. Seriously, 15 mph average with an additional 3 to 4 miles! That’s way cool.

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2014 Tour De Rook – Hiatus Over!

So, I repaired my rear tire, and think I might have found the culprit that kept causing the flats. I believe I’ve a fix that should keep the inter-tube from getting a hole puncture. That means I’m going to hit the trail and see how things go. No music though, today, as there is the threat of storms. So, I’ll simply wrap my phone in a plastic baggie in case of emergencies.

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