In The Air

There is a sadness in the air this morning. Not a bad sadness. Not a depressing sadness. Just a sadness of acceptance. I really can’t explain beyond that. As always, words fail. They always fail.

Anyway – sadness. Sometimes I just have to accept what I feel without judging what I feel. The world would have me believe there’s something wrong with me. That somehow feeling an emotion God created me to feel is a failing. That I’m ill, broken, diseased. How can that be true? How can experiencing what I am designed to experience be wrong?

Sigh. Sometimes I think people don’t want me to feel because they don’t want to feel. They are afraid of their fears, their hurts, their pain. If they see it in others it only reminds them of their own.

Enough. I am as I am meant to be. If my light shines too brightly on you then turn away. Look down. Avert your gaze. I do not exist to make you feel comfortable. I do not exist to make your life easy. Your a grown ass adult, live like one. Stop making others behave in a manner so that you are prevented from seeing all of yourself. Do not push your cowardice onto me.

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Because my girlfriend, Tina, was too chicken to post this video on Facebook!

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Cinnamon’s Resting Place

Honestly, she lays right there when I am writing in my journal every morning. She will either lay her head on my arm while I am writing, or she’ll reach out her paw and place it on my forearm.

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Lord Acton on Liberty in 2016 | The Agonist

Which politician seeks power to do the right thing? And don’t give me that crap about differing opinions about what the ‘right thing’ is. Peace and prosperity, justice and humanity, opportunity and community are about as basic ‘right things’ as you can get. If your plan doesn’t promote those, you have no business in politics. (For that matter, you have no business in business and should go be a hermit so we don’t have to put up with your shit).

Source: Lord Acton on Liberty in 2016 | The Agonist

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Happy Belief Day

I’m not an atheist. I believe in God. However, the standards set down by various religions would label me as such simply because I do not use the ‘proper’ words, or extol the proper story, to show I believe in God. In any case, one of my tenets of Belief is that others are not expected to believe as I do. Believe me when I tell you it is a daily challenge to live by that tenet. Anyway, I already posted this on my Facebook page, but I also wanted it here for the occasional stray internet bot that incidentally stumbles upon my blog:

May your Belief this day give you peace and comfort as you face the challenges of the world. And may the lessons of those challenges make you both strong and vulnerable in the eyes of those whom love you.

The Belief in me honors the Belief in you.

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Some days I just feel low. This is one of those some days.

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Yup. SNL Went There

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Turkey A Supporter of ISIS?

When it comes to the mess that is Mesopotamia and Persia, I am pretty much uninformed. However, I still attempt to read up on what is happening. Since the Legacy Media is still ignoring the facts in almost all of their created content (yeah, not news, but created content for ratings and revenue), I look for people with foreign news connections. Over at The Agonist I find some gems with decent links and sources that give me a better understanding of what’s happening outside of our boarders.

And, I’m sure you’re wondering, where is all this going?

(The Agonist) Since the start of the attack on Syria in 2011, Turkey has been a key transit point for foreign jihadists, supplies, and weapons headed for rebels fighting to bring down the Syrian government. Jihadists enter Turkey and get bussed to the Syrian border. Along the way, many are trained at facilities like that in Adana, Turkey.   The Turkish military has done nothing to stop this.

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Photo Blogging Part 5

So, in Part 3 I mentioned there were some 80 to 90 year old poplars in the Lost Valley Natural Area. I did some digging and managed to find a few. For the purpose of perspective I am in the pictures. I took these with a very old HP digital camera. Unfortunately, it was stolen from me shortly after these shots were taken. My next digital camera didn’t have a timer for taken shots like this. Oh, and these are not High Definition shots, yet they’re still pretty damn clear.


Now, what looks like fallen tree on this 100 year old bridge is actually a branch from the tree I am standing next to in the first picture.


And here’s the shot showing you where the branch used to be before it was blown off the tree.


And here’s another one with me. And yes, I have a hell of a lot less gray hair.

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Old Fashioned Coding!

Computer coding before there were computers!

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