If I had wanted cream and sugar, why the hell would I order the damn coffee?

Cleaning and Organizing

My desk was a pile of papers. So, I went about sorting and shredding. I now have a clear desk. I am also cleaning out empty shoe boxes and other various junk to throw into either the recycle bin or the garbage. This is the usual routine I go through when I am approaching a new semester. I’ve got two classes coming up – both online – and I am clearing the clutter as a representation of clearing my mind for new knowledge.


New Castle

Once again I have moved. This time Tina and I are living in Duluth, MN. A little neighborhood called “Smithville.” I’m only three quarters of a mile from where the Munger Trail crosses Highway 23. Yes, the same one that ran just behind Peggy Sue’s. Only, this time it’s up hill, not flat. Or, down hill when I turn around to go back home!

Now, the house is still a clutter, but we are slowly making headway in getting things set up. Perhaps there will be pictures to follow. I’m not exactly quick with doing that. Anyway, just thought I’d let you all know! All none of my readers at this blog, anyway!

Alright, Alright! I’ll Post Something!

Sheesh! Everyone’s a critic. That is, if everyone happens to be the silence that is the readership of my blog.

Anyway, I do have a few announcements. One, Tina Rife and I are living together. She finished college in December, found herself unemployed in January, so we moved her from Green Bay, WI., to Willow River, MN on February 14th, 2015. That’s right, Valentine’s Day! It also happened to be the windiest day of the month. Since then we’ve worked at making what was my stark apartment into a cozy, comfortable home. Gone are my futons; one I was using for my bed and the other for a couch. Both are now in storage. We have her couch, her Queen sized bed, my love seat, and our chairs. We purchased other things to warm up the place, like an area rug. There are a lot of other improvements we’ve completed, and others we’ve planned. So far it’s gone well.

Also, though I might have already mentioned this, I have been promoted at work. It means an increase in pay with an increase with responsibilities. That too has gone well so far.

Finally, I still have tax return money left over, so I bought Apple TV. Talk about a nice way to display my MacBook Air on my HDTV! Not to mention the ability to buy movies and store them on my iCloud account. Looking forward to playing with that new toy!

Okay, that’s enough for now. Everyone can just quiet down even more than they have been and get back to not being a readership and not yelling at me, just like always.

House Cleaning!

So, I did a complete cleaning of my apartment. That means I swept and mopped my office, my bedroom, the living room, the kitchen, and the bathroom. I also did dusting. All the while I had a fan in the window, and the front door open with the storm window open to circulate fresh air into the apartment. Next? Laundry. Hopefully Sunday will be a work-free day.

Early Summer Cleaning

Castle cleaning has commenced!

By-the-way, I’m live-blogging my cleaning! Not that anyone is reading my blog now-a-days. But, it passes the time while the floor dries. That’s right non-existent readers of mine, I mopped the floor!

Cat litter box
Cat Litter Station

Update: Cat Litter Station cleaned and back in place! Next for cleaning is the kitchen table.

It's an old Barnes & Noble table someone fished out of the dumpster for me!
It’s an old Barnes & Noble table someone fished out of the dumpster for me!








And presto! My kitchen table is cleaned.

This is where Cinn hides when I clean. She hates the vacuum cleaner.
This is where Cinn hides when I clean. She hates the vacuum cleaner.







Just a quick shot of Cinnamon hiding because I’m vacuuming. Hell, she doesn’t even wait for me to get it plugged in and she’s already bolting for the office!





Okay, That’s it. I’m finished with apartment cleaning for the day. I’ve got the kitchen swept, mopped, and dusted. I also swept and vacuumed the living room area. Enough is enough! Now I’ve just got a cinnamon scented candle burning to make the place smell acceptable.

Repairs & Reconfigurations To The Castle

So, I’ve installed two window air conditioning units; an 8000 BTU in the kitchen/living room and a 5000 BTU in my bedroom. I actually bought the larger unit yesterday evening after I realized it was close to 95 degrees in the apartment. After getting the thing installed into the window, I tried to use a fan to blow the cold air from the kitchen into my bedroom. Unfortunately, that entitled the cats to come sleep with me.

Cinnamon I don’t mind – she just wants to be petted for a bit, then lays down next to me and sleeps. However, Kang wants to snuggle up close, kneed whatever limb (or face!) is closest, likes to climb up on top of me, then starts demanding I play with him. He kept me up all damn night. So, today I went and got the smaller one.

Anyway, those were the reconfigurations. The repair was my sink drain. The collar/drain that screws onto the through pipe cracked off. So I had to get a new one. I just finished installing that only minutes ago. It’s nice to have an operational sink in the bathroom again.

Next, I’m cutting up the cardboard from the air conditioning packaging to wedge into – and block the light from – the rest of the window in the bedroom.

Reconfiguration Of The Castle

04132014173Okay, I bought a cheap coffee table at Wal-Mart yesterday, put it together this morning, and then fashioned a shoot and boot configuration for the waste. Normally there is a small plastic container that holds the scooped liter, but it would be full in two days. The damn things are expensive as hell. So now I won’t have to switch out new containers every two days. Plus the plastic bags are way, way less expensive.

And yes, I have an electric liter box. With the reconfiguration of the waste container I don’t have any nasty cat smell.


Read More…Read More…

New Home

So, I have moved. I am now living in the two bedroom apartment behind my favorite restaurant: Peggy Sue’s Cafe. From the outside it looks like one long building. Surprisingly, the apartment takes up more of the building than the restaurant. At least on the main floor. There is no basement or upstairs. The great thing is that my rent includes electric, heat, water, and garbage/recycling! Pictures to follow.

Equinox Cleaning!

Let see; I have one load of laundry washed, dried, and hung. I have another load in the washing machine just waiting for me to put it in the dryer. I vacuumed. I swept and mopped the bathroom and kitchen floors. I dusted off my TV, the stand, and the various electronic boxes on the stand. And to top it all off, I mowed the lawn! Damn, I kicked butt!

Oh, and I also set up an old set of computer speakers in the living room and connected my iPod to them so that I could rock out while cleaning!

Now? Time for a bike ride!

Update: I forgot – I also cleaned the refrigerator!

The Storm That Passed In The Evening

Granted, it was nothing like what I videoed on Thursday night. Indeed, it was rather tame by most standards. Yet it knocked out my power around 9:00 PM and I did not see it restored until 3:00 AM. And then only after I finally managed to get to my power company’s webpage to report the outage. I figured they were working on it; I had flickers of power throughout the night so I did not immediately try to contact them. And when I did attempt my cell phone had a hell of a time getting to the site.

In the end, it is 7 hours of electricity for which I do not have to pay!

Oh, and I also picked up a new wireless router. My old beast, at least 11, maybe 12 years aged, finally stopped working properly. I could connect to it, but I could not get the internet except through a network cable from one of its ports. So I am now a proud owner of a much newer – and faster – wireless router! Hell, I did not realize how much slower the old beast was; my emails download at almost 8 times the speed. The real test was upgrading my new TVs software – what took over half an hour on the old router took all of 8 minutes on my new router! I was so happy that I did my happy dance. Thankfully I was not in public. I did scare my cats. It took them 24 hours before they would show themselves to me.

Everybody is a critic.

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