If I had wanted cream and sugar, why the hell would I order the damn coffee?

Rise And Shine

Good Morning North Blogistan! It’s 18 degrees out and partly cloudy with a wind out of the North at 6 mph. I expect a high of 26 and the wind to swing around out of the west by the afternoon. It looks like there will be no precipitation until 8:00 PM. However, the wind is expected to pick up to 12 mph by then.

So, the first day of replacing the roof looks to be fair weather. Tomorrow, though, looks to be a different story with wind and snow forecast for the start of the day.


Home Improvements.

For the record, I hate doing house repairs. But that doesn’t mean I can’t do them. I just don’t like doing them. So, when I actually do repairs around the house, I think I deserve to brag. So, yeah, this is a bragging post. Anyway, I had to do one repair and one construction job this week.

The repair was the shower/walk-in tub. The hose for the hand-held shower sprung a leak. Unfortunately, it’s an old tub. It means the fixtures are non-standard. That meant figuring out how to jury-rig today’s shower hoses with yesterday’s fittings. In the end, I had to buy an 8-inch dishwasher hose, one package of two 1/2 inch to 3/8 inch fittings (even though I only needed one) and a 3/8 male to 3/8 male fitting so I could connect two 3/8 inch female hose fittings. As the picture shows, the hose no longer retracts into the tub’s interior. That’s because a 1/2 inch fitting does not fit through the hole.

Oh, and all this took about 4 hours due to having to make three trips to the store, one of which was due to forgetting my wallet. This is why I hate doing home repairs. If I could afford a plumber, I’d have rather gone that route.

The other project was the building of a shelf. Now, I’d done something similar in the past, so it didn’t take nearly as long as the shower hose debacle. I bought a 10-foot chain, a 6-foot long board that was 9 inches wide, 4 threaded open hooks, and 4 bolt & nut hooks. And ta-da! one functional shelf in the basement. Now we can watch TV while using the treadmill.

So, there you are. Home repair projects successfully completed. Not necessarily enjoyed (the shower hose repair), but of which I can be proud. Now, I’ve got some light switches to work on, but that’s a completely different type of repair I am definitely not looking forward to doing.

First Shoveling

Since it wasn’t heavy enough of a snowfall I ended up shoveling the driveway and sidewalk to the front door, it took about 45 minutes and wasn’t that much of a workout. Maneuvering the massive snowblower probably would have been a more taxing workout.

It Was A Dark And…..

Stalwart Cup Weathered the Storm

Yeah, yeah, yeah. A thunderstorm moved in at 2:00 AM. There was wind; there was rain; there was a whole lot of lightning. It was very, very frightful. Somehow, this cup managed to stay on the deck table.

Get Out Of Dodge!

I was given my marching orders in no uncertain terms. Tina is going to come home from work and clean house. That means I must not be around and under foot. So, I am going to go for a run soon, shower, and then get out of Dodge for the day. Not sure where I am going to go, but since Tina hates me being around when she cleans, I am going to have to figure something out.

Kang And The Chipmonks

I was out on the deck, mindfully enjoying the nature that surrounds my backyard. Squirrels were climbing in the trees deep in the woods to the west. Birds were all about chirping. The occasional hummingbird swooped by to drink nectar from either our hummingbird feeder or the recently bloomed flowers along the fence line.

However, the most enjoyable aspect of the backyard this morning was Kang the Mighty Hunter stalking the two of three chipmunks that visit our yard to raid the bird feeders. Unbeknownst to one of them, it headed towards the feeder right along a path were Kang laid in wait. I don’t think I’ve seen fat old Kang move so fast in my life. He chased the chipmunk around the plant and damn near caught him.

Honestly, Kang appears lively and happier than I’ve ever seen him. Our new place has made his life, and his health, better.


Sigh. The problem with having a lawn is it needs moving from time to time. Now, usually, that means weekend work. However, this weekend Tina and I are looking to visit Cooper State Park in Wisconsin and enjoy the trail along to two rivers and the two waterfalls. So, that means mowing this morning, but only after I’ve run to Menards to get two shades cut for the spare bedroom. My cousin Rodney is crashing out at our place as he attends some robotics shindig in East Duluth and the extra room is just way too bright in the AM.

Anyway, I have to finish my final cup of coffee and head out. You all try not to destroy the place while I’m gone.

Blowsery Weekend

It was cold and windy this past weekend, leaving me bereft of any desire to mow the lawn. There is no wind today, so I best get out there and mow down the prairie that has sprung in my front yard.

Productive Sunday

Honestly, I had a great Sunday. Got up early enough to do my morning routine, followed by assembling the cart I bought from Fleet Farm, the lawn mower I bought from Menard’s, and building a compost pen out of fence posts and chicken wire. After that it was mowing up the leaves (We are surrounded by trees!) which required an extensive amounts of emptying the bag on the mower. After that Tina grilled up some pork steaks and we enjoyed an evening meal sitting on the deck and enjoying our hard work.

However, there are still many projects left for us to work on. Off to the side from the garage is a pile of logs, sticks, and boards that is quite the eye sore. It is destined to be dismantled, with much of it going to the compost pen, and others to the fire pit (the one I want to buy once I figure out what’s allowed). In addition to the pile, the rest of the area along side of the garage still needs cleaning up. There are flower beds, a collapsed rock wall, and various plants growing that may or may not be survivors of what appears to have been a few years of neglect.

Now, though, it’s time for me to go out for a run. You all have a great start to your week, Monday not withstanding.

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