Sunday Morning


I’m blogging from my favorite restaurant, Peggy Sue’s. Yesterday I was down in the cities. I went to the Mall of America looking for a new mouse. Unfortunately what I was looking for was not in store. However, I discovered a watch and jewelery repair shop at the mall, so I dropped off a pair of pince nez I bought a year or so ago. Unfortunately they were broken, which I didn’t see until months after I bought them. Just a simple spring that caused one of the nose pads to press against the nose. Anyway, I’m hoping that they can do a simple spring repair. I’m waiting on a call back with an estimate. If they get them repaired I am considering getting lenses for them.

Here’s a picture that is closest in style to mine:

MS003244.1LOne of the more disappointing aspects of my visit to the Mall of America is that I could not find a decent place to sit and blog. I really wanted to sit at my favorite spot, which is the Caribou Coffee shop up on the third level. It has tables on the side that look down two levels. It’s a great place to people watch. But it was insanely busy! The line to just get a drink was at least 20 minutes long. Then the possibility of getting a table was even longer.

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