Back At The Incremental Marathon

I was struggling with sleep and intense, chronic pain for about two weeks. I thought it was my kidneys because it didn’t hurt at the back. However, after a visit to urgent care, the doctor informed me the pain was not located by the kidneys, which are higher on the back, and that the pain was probably radiating from the small of my back due to pinched nerves. So, I was prescribed muscle relaxers and took it easy for a week.

And then memory hit. Back in 2008, I injured my tailbone and lower back due to falling while roller skating. But the pain was initially in my stomach and not my back. That would show up weeks later. Anyway, my chiropractor told me the stomach pain, and later my back pain was not just due to pinched nerves, but to my eating high concentrations of sugar. I took his advice, stopped eating sugars, and started putting more effort into stretching. Within a month, my pain was gone, and I was sleeping better.

Well, I started putting raw honey into my smoothies and realized that was when the pain in my back started up again. So, I’ve also stopped using honey. It’s made a difference.