That Damn Cat

One of the cats just knocked Smokey’s treat bowl off the table. Before Loki joined the household, there was a time we were only giving Kang treats. He was on a forced diet. That’s because he had become a fat tick. His belly damn near dragged on the floor. To keep him from eating all of Smokey’s treats, we put her dish on a table by the kitchen window. Again, Kang, the fat tick, couldn’t jump up and eat the treat. Smokey has a habit of not eating her treat all at once but coming back time from time to nibble until it’s gone. Kang? Oh, he chows down on his, then searches for more. We also put dry food up on the table for Smokey to have something besides the treat. Oh, and the treat is wet cat food.

Well, Kang lost weight. His belly is several inches higher from the floor. Smokey no longer has a dry cat food bowl on the table. She developed the habit of knocking both the treat bowl and the dry food bowl onto the floor. The dry food bowl was rarely empty, inevitably resulting in a mess on the floor or food in the water dish. We still have to keep the treat bowl on the table. She likes looking out at the front lawn while eating. I tried putting the treat bowl down on the floor with the other two, but she pouted and didn’t eat her treat for two days. So, yeah, the bowl is back on the table.

Well, not really, because some damn cat just knocked it on the floor.