An Above Average IM

I am surprised at the pace. My first mile was under 13 minutes—a vast improvement over the past month. My overall pace of 13:10 is also an improvement for the past month. Over the past year and a half, my physical health took a beating. From a numbness affecting the left side of my face to an overall feeling of lethargy and fatigue, I’ve not been able to exercise regularly. I was even struggling with work.

It feels like I might be coming out of a bleak period in my life. At least physically. I am once again able to maintain regular runs. Next, I plan on adding some upper body exercise. However, that’s always been tough. About three or four years ago, I regularly engaged in planking and push-ups, helping reduce my pace. I even came close to cracking the elusive 9:00 minute mile. But it was not as enjoyable as simple running.

So, I have been mentally debating the resumption of planking and push-ups. I’m optimistic I’ll finish the debate with a win towards resuming upper body workouts. Until that time, I will continue to push for regular runs.