All My Books Are Lost!

Nook has crashed. They did an update yesterday, and now I cannot access any of my Nook Books. Thankfully, I’ve got quite a few already downloaded onto a couple of my devices. But I cannot download any that I had saved to the cloud. Nor can I see my list of books at Barnes & Noble’s website. There’s no contacting them on the weekend, which is rather strange – not the best of customer service. They don’t even have a forum where you can talk to other customers to see if they are also having the same problems. They shut them down in 2017. That’s crap.

I have over 100 books on the Nook. So, yeah, this is not cool. I use my Nook daily. I had just started re-reading the Harry Potter series.

Don’t get me wrong. I like my Nook. I like that I can carry my entire library in a simple, small device. It makes reading much more convenient. However, I’m beginning to wonder about the leadership of Barnes & Noble. It appears that online customer service is not even a consideration. This is the 21st Century, after all. An online presence is expected. And I don’t mean just sales; I also expect service for any problems. And that includes communicating any problems.