Just Keep Running

Treadmill & Heart Rate

Good morning one and all. Well, probably more like one. As in one reader. Anyway, I did a treadmill run. But instead of pace and distance I did heart rate training. I started out at 7 mph until I hit a heart rate of 159. I then dropped my speed down to 2.5 mph and waited until my heart rate dropped below 113. And then I sped back up. As you can see I did this for 30 minutes and still managed to run for 2 miles. The breakdown of my heart rate zones is as follows: 38% (11:28) in no zone, 16% (4:49) in easy, 13% (3:49) in fat burning, 18% (5:22) in Aerobic, and 15% (4:24) in Anaerobic. My maximum heart rate hit 163.

I believe the next time I do a heart rate run I’ll up my lower end to 119 instead of 113. I would like to even out all the zones. I also adjusted the incline a bit. I might also employ that more. I only did it a few times, and only up to 4 inches. But that’s something to work in more seriously down the line.