My Ten Years Later Post


Along with many others, I am going to quickly comment on the invasion of Iraq. Actually, it is just a copy and past of a comment I left at Bark Bark Woof Woof:

I was a fool and naive back then. I could not contemplate that a President of the United States would actually lie our nation into attacking another country. I figured that was the purview of tyrants and dictators, not duly elected leaders. I have since learned my lesson. Indeed, the talk of Iran smells similar to the lead up in 2003. I will not be so quick to put faith in our industrial/military complex again.

I am not so willing to buy the reports coming out of the neoconservative quarters. They colluded with President Bush in lying our way to invading Iraq, with talk that we would have to also go into Iran. And they have never stopped. Not again.

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