The Day After

Yeah, yesterday’s runs and walks kicked my ass. I foolishly pushed myself farther in the first run than I should have. As a result, I was exceedingly wiped out. I ended up taking over an hour nap. I also slept hard last night, dreaming for the first time in a long time. Or perhaps I should say, I remember my dream for the first time in a long time. Not that my dreams make any sense. Time and place are always fungible and hazy.

In this case I managed to get a job working for the White House. I couldn’t tell you what the hell I did. I seemed to be liked by the higher-ups, and when it was time for a new administration to come in, I was assured  I would still have a job. Yet I was hesitant to accept re-employment. Eventually, after talking to Tina, I decided to keep stay with the job. That’s when things got difficult. I couldn’t connect with the head woman who did the hiring, and who wanted me to stay in the first place. She kept going from one function to another.

Anyway, I finally woke up because Smokey decided it was time to play with the lampshade. So I am up, having given the spoiled felines their morning treat, set-up the coffee pots (Tina and I like different strengths of coffee), and am now typing away on this post. Well, for those of you reading it I am sure I am way past the point of typing. See, time if fungible. 

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