Honest to God! What are they thinking? Any move to impeach President Obama on any of the points mentioned in the robocall that hit at least 4 states will only make the Republican brand that much more worthless.

People in four states — Colorado, New Jersey, Virginia and Washington — have reported strange political robocalls from a birther group called Conservative Majority Fund, saying that they “suspect” Obama may be “guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors,” adding “there may be grounds for impeachment as is laid out in the Constitution.

The message opens by claiming: “We’ve just learned that Obama’s immediate plans are to close Guantanamo, give full amnesty to illegal aliens and give the United Nations the authority to tax Americans. And this is just in the short term. Our only recourse now is to move forward with the full impeachment of President Obama.”

It goes on to add that the president “may not even be a U.S. citizen because nobody, I mean no one, has seen an actual physical copy of his birth certificate. Impeachment is our only option, and Republicans are already considering Obama investigations. As the nation’s most effective conservative group, we are launching the official impeach Obama campaign. So please, press one now to donate to impeach Obama.”

I have had to work with people who have done some really stupid stuff, but I have never seen them as stupid. But something like this really does make me believe the human race was designed to go instinct.

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  1. It isn’t so much that there are insane people in the US, it’s that they have enough money to do annoying crap like this. Apparently too many of them are in the “job creator” class and have a lot of extraneous money to throw around.

    If they want to waste money, I can think of all kinds of ways to waste it. They could send it to you and me and we could certainly be more creative in wasting it than this.

    I’m still waiting to see any gun control legislation on the House agenda. The whackoes promised us new gun control laws, but they haven’t shown up in the last four years. They are failing the Bible’s test for prophets pretty badly, so when do they get stoned?

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