I Don’t Recognize My Country

The President of the United States defended Nazis and was praised by the former Grand Wizard of the KKK. What the hell happened to my country?

There is Also Love In This World

A reminder that the only effective way to fight hate is with love.

Tell me you don’t feel the power of love in that video.

Cleaning and Organizing

My desk was a pile of papers. So, I went about sorting and shredding. I now have a clear desk. I am also cleaning out empty shoe boxes and other various junk to throw into either the recycle bin or the garbage. This is the usual routine I go through when I am approaching a new semester. I’ve got two classes coming up – both online – and I am clearing the clutter as a representation of clearing my mind for new knowledge.

Another Industrious Day

Tina and I went to Peggy Sue’s for breakfast. Then we walked the Moose Lake State Trail, the one that goes along side the MSOP grounds. After that I dropped her off at the Beck’s Road trail head and Tina walked from there to home. I did mowing. Now I’m waiting for my Fitbit to charge up and I think I’ll go for a run. Oh, and laundry is also half done.


I broke my blog’s ability to share to social media. I’m now looking to see if I’ve fixed the problem. So, this is but a simple post, noting of import that you need bother to read. And, of course, I probably should have started with that sentence. But, hey! you’ll live.

Saturday Chores

Well, I know I’ll have to mow sometime today or tomorrow. There’s also laundry that needs to be washed, since it obviously (imagine a heavy facetious ironic tone to my voice if I was speaking this post) won’t wash itself. Hint to all you progressive tech types, invent self-washing laundry please.

Now, the most important chore for today? Corn Beef Hash and eggs for dinner.

Post Run Post

Kinda catchy, right? Anyway, I’m suddenly experiencing a spike in my visits. Usually I have one or two views after I post something. Today? Well, I’ve had one visit that has resulted in 29 views. I don’t have a clue as to why. I haven’t posted here on my blog since Wednesday or Thursday. So, it’s either a malfunctioning bot, or someone with ADHD obsessively clicking onto my blog.

Update: I suppose I should mention I wrote this post after I went for a run. For those few readers who are not good readers……….

Morning at Dunn Brothers Coffee shop in Fridley, MN

I'm doing training in New Brighton for my new job. I'll be working in Duluth but the training is at the corporate office. They put me up in a hotel for three nights.
Anyway, I stopped at the Dunn Brothers by what used to be Unity hospital but is now Mercy Hospital – Fridley campus.
Change. You really can't stop it.
I'm finishing my coffee after having one of the best biscuit breakfast sandwich ever. Then it's off to training.