While the gray swirls and mixes with the gray I am finishing my final cup of coffee for the day and contemplating going for a run. The weather front that moved in yesterday is wrecking havoc with my joints and ligaments. Yet I know the best thing for me is to get out there and run anyway.

Honestly, couldn’t my Higher Power have arranged the various frequencies of energy that make up my body to work better without producing discomfort?

Gray on Gray

Some days, in a room with no windows and my eyes tightly shut I can see everything.

Other days, with the sun shining bright, my eyes wide open, and all the world before me I see nothing.

Most days it’s just a blur of gray on gray.


My connection between this blog and Facebook was messed up. My posts haven’t been getting published to Facebook like they are supposed to. I hope I’ve got it fixed now. Damn irritating internet.

On a lighter note; I ordered the replacement blades for my blender.

One Goal Achieved

All the way back in 2014 I decided to take up running. Something I hadn’t done since I was in the Navy in 1980. One of my goals was to break the 10 minute mile. Well, here it is 3 years later and I finally achieved that goal. Today I ran a 9:53 minute mile. Another goal was to get my weight down to 220 lbs. That one is being a bit more stubborn. I have managed to finally get within 1 lbs of that goal; I last weighed myself at 221.4 lbs.