Holy crap! I have over 12 inches blocking my front door. I managed to open it about a third of the way. But that is it. Meanwhile, the State of Minnesota, being ignorant and stubborn, has yet to declare a weather emergency in this part of the state. So, I am still expected to make it to work. I am not going to make it, but I am expected.

Sigh. And the town I live in does not have a road crew. That means no plowing of the streets. So, even if I could get my ass out the front door and shovel the foot of snow off my car and out of my driveway, I am not making it down the road. I called work, they know I am not going to make it on time. Hell, if they do not plow my road today, I will not make it in at all.

Oh well. I am enjoying my hot, black, strong coffee and listening to the news about the Snowpocalypse and the continuing saga in Boston.

Why I Read John Cole – Part “Who Can Count That Far”

Remember that the next few days during the media frenzy, if you must watch. I would recommend you don’t. And I refuse to give up another right to prevent another “Boston,” but you know there will be calls to “do something.” We still take our god damned shoes off at airports because of a failed attempt. Lord only knows what is going to come down the pipeline now. The only thing we “need” to do is find the perpetrators, try them, convict them, and jail them for the rest of our lives as we go on with ours, and I have full faith that our collected government agencies can do this.

The bomber(s) isn’t the only one who wants you to be afraid. Remember that.

Go read the whole thing.

This is John at his best. He is just so damn much better at letting out a righteous rant than I. And everything he says is exactly what I think.

Like him I am tired of our country reacting out of fear. We are not a nation of cowards, yet since September 11th, 2001 that is exactly how we have reacted. And because of that fear devious men have manipulated the enacting of laws that hinder our freedom and re-distribute money to the already rich and powerful while failing to actually protect us from terrorists – both domestic and abroad.

And to those of you who are clutching your pearls and pulling your hair, demanding that “something be done” and telling us that “sacrifice is the price for freedom.” Fuck you. Go wet your own goddamn bed and stop showing us all your cowardice.

Front Row Seat

By now everyone has heard about Roger Ebert’s passing. I have no need to supply links to any news articles. Here, though, is a link to where is column resides. I have been on the edge of sadness since hearing about his death. Finally, this morning I have found myself crying. I can not say why his death is so meaningful. Perhaps it is due to his having made me look at  movies so much more then simple jokes, frights, fights, or sex sense.

His reviews with Gene Siskel on “At The Movies” were at times monumental clashes of opinion with the ultimate conclusion for them to agree to disagree. I remember when they first came on the air, before “At The Movies,” there was the appearance they did not like each other. Yet, over the years, you could see a deep friendship develop. In some ways, I wonder if that was more of a draw to watch the show than the movies they reviewed.

I see Roger Ebert’s passing as an end of an era. May he find the movies of the afterlife to be as dramatic, funny, and moving as the best he watched here on Earth.

Damn Cold!

I have a cold which is causing a pinch in my neck. This always happens. I am going to take a couple of ibuprofen and hope it mellows out. After all these years I have learned that the pain never really goes away.

Boiling Eggs

Not to be confused with boiling frogs, yet the concept is similar!

As you have no doubt been taught (or not) always start with cold water. I usually allow 20 minutes from the time I turn on the stove until they have boiled enough. Next – and this is the important part – I place the pan with the still hot water under the tap in the sink and allow a very small stream of cold water to displace the hot water. Once the water is of a temperature my hands can tolerate comfortably I remove the eggs.

The mistake most people make is they dump out the hot water and add cold water, causing an immediate contraction of the shell, and the irritating membrane that is between the shell and the inner content. Hence the difficulties in peeling said eggs.