An Above Average IM

Just Keep Running

I am surprised at the pace. My first mile was under 13 minutes—a vast improvement over the past month. My overall pace of 13:10 is also an improvement for the past month. Over the past year and a half, my physical health took a beating. From a numbness affecting the left side of my face to an overall feeling of lethargy and fatigue, I’ve not been able to exercise regularly. I was even struggling with work.

It feels like I might be coming out of a bleak period in my life. At least physically. I am once again able to maintain regular runs. Next, I plan on adding some upper body exercise. However, that’s always been tough. About three or four years ago, I regularly engaged in planking and push-ups, helping reduce my pace. I even came close to cracking the elusive 9:00 minute mile. But it was not as enjoyable as simple running.

So, I have been mentally debating the resumption of planking and push-ups. I’m optimistic I’ll finish the debate with a win towards resuming upper body workouts. Until that time, I will continue to push for regular runs.

IM Once Again

Just Keep Running

Good morning! I managed a decent heart rate with an improved pace. And I ran one of my favorite routes.

The IM Saga Continues

Just Keep Running

My slowest pace this year. But that’s to be expected. I took a route with steeper hills than I’ve been used to tackling. Also maintained a lower average heart rate. And I only hit 161 a couple of times on some steep inclines. So, all in all, I’m happy with this run.

Just Another IM Update

Just Keep Running

My pace was down. But my heart rate was in the range I like. I didn’t have the best night’s sleep, which explains my lower speed. But I’m okay with that. At this point, I’m looking to just put effort into maintaining an exercise routine. I’ll let the benefits be secondary.

Just Another IM* Update

Just Keep Running

I am pleasantly surprised by my heart rate. I managed my lowest max rate so far since resuming the marathon.

This is from last week. Just catching up on posting my runs.

*Incremental Marathon

Incremental Marathon Update

Just Keep Running

My heart rate was much better than the last run. I peaked at 162 towards the end but managed an overall average of 151. So, yes, a vast improvement over last week’s run.

Yup. I Am Out of Shape

Just Keep Running

My heart rate was through the roof! My average was 162. However, I hit 172 several times at the end. But what did I expect? I haven’t run since February 19th! Thirty seven days without running. And I felt it!

Report on the Incremental Marathon

Just Keep Running

Without elaborating too much, I am going to say I managed three runs this week. Forty-five minutes on Monday, and 30 minutes Wednesday and this morning. Feeling pretty good about them – no exhaustion or out-of-the-ordinary tightness that existed before I received the vaccine.

I have hope.

Follow Up on Health

Brighter Days

Okay, since writing my long post the other day, I’ve managed to get two workouts in. The first one on Monday was 45 minutes long. The one today was for 30 minutes. Again, nothing great on my speed or distance. But that is to be expected. I weighed myself today for the first time in a long time: 238 pounds. It’s about the heaviest I have weighed in years. It’s not the heaviest I have ever been – that was close to 250 pounds.

Anyway, despite the weight, I felt good during both workouts, and there was no exhaustion afterward.

And on the schoolwork front – I’m gaining ground already.