2013 Tour De Rook – Leg 18 The Karma Edition.

To the stats!

  1. Miles: 22.86Tour_Rook
  2. Time: 1:35.49
  3. Max Speed: 25.2 mph
  4. Average Speed: 14.2 mph
  5. iPod:
    1. America – History: America’s Greatest Hits
    2. Cinderella – Long Cold Winter
    3. Indigo Girls – Rites of Passage
  6. Temperature: 82°F
  7. Wind: SW 14 G 21 mph
  8. Humidity: 70%

Maybe I am weird. I do not know. But damn I love riding in hot, humid weather. Granted, I have a bit of a headache at the moment, but that is as much due to not having my daily dose of coffee yet as to the heat. And I have to admit, my stats are a bit off. But with a stiff 14 mph wind in my face for the first half, with gusts of 21 mph, I think I am lucky to have maintained over a 14 mph average.

Oh, and at Finlayson I did a good deed! While I was walking a bit to give my ass a break from the bike seat two gentlemen were trying to load a car onto a trailer. Turns out they had pushed it about 2 and a half blocks to a downgrade where they figured they could than push the car onto the trailer. I had yet to stretch and so went over to help them. They were right about the downgrade in the road, it helped. However, just the two of them would never been able to get the car on the trailer. It took two to push it on with one steering.

I have to say, it is about the most selfless act I have ever done. I just helped. No exchange of names, no handshakes even. But they were obviously grateful, and I have to admit I felt pretty fucking good about helping. Also, I consider it an act of paying it forward; people have helped me through the years; whom I have never seen since. Hopefully it is some good karma I have sent forward.

2013 Tour De Rook – Leg 17

To the stats!

  1. Miles: 13.66Tour_Rook
  2. Time: 56.51
  3. Max Speed: 25.9 mph
  4. Average Speed: 14.4 mph
  5. iPod:
    1. The Tragically Hip – Up To Here
    2. The Monkees – The Monkees Greatest Hits
  6. Temperature: 86°F
  7. Wind: S 5 mph
  8. Humidity: 33%

Damn! It was like riding through soup. The air was thick. That is the best I can come up with as far as explaining how difficult it felt bicycling today. Yet my stats show I was close to Wednesday’s effort. I can say for certain I put more effort into today’s ride.

2013 Tour De Rook – Leg 16

To the stats!

  1. Miles: 10.80Tour_Rook
  2. Time: 44.30
  3. Max Speed: 19.2 mph
  4. Average Speed: 14.5 mph
  5. iPod: Steve Winwood – Back in the High Life
  6. Temperature: 86°F
  7. Wind: NW 5 mph
  8. Humidity: 35%

Last I rode, I ended up with a bad rear tire. Well, I did not have the time or money to run right down to Erik’s Bike Shop to get it repaired. That turned out to be a mistake, because yesterday, when I finally managed to run down to Apple Valley, I learned that the warranty on the tire expired 9 days earlier. Yeah, if I figure right, it expired the day the tire went bad! However, being I’m such a loyal customer, they honored the warranty anyway! That is why I will always be a loyal customer. Oh, and the supposedly inexpensive tire? Normally runs $45.00. Not so inexpensive when living paycheck to paycheck.

2013 Tour De Rook – Leg 15

To the stats!

  1. Miles: 23.42Tour_Rook
  2. Time: 1:35.26
  3. Max Speed: 25.9 mph
  4. Average Speed: 14.7 mph
  5. iPod:
    1. Fleetwood Mac – Rumours
    2. Eagles – Hotel California
    3. Cold Play – Parachutes
  6. Temperature: 73°F
  7. Wind: W 8 mph
  8. Humidity: 53%

I did another extended leg. This time though I headed for Sandstone and then caught the Willard Munger State Trail just west and south of Sandstone. It was a good run. Unfortunately my rear tire decided to develop an air bubble. It did not tear off, it did not rip open, but it needs to be replaced. I am going to take it down to Eric’s Bike Shop in Burnsville/Apple Valley, where I bought the bike and always have it serviced. Hopefully the tire is under warranty. If not, oh well, they are relatively inexpensive.

2013 Tour De Rook – Leg 14

To the stats!

  1. Miles: 30.08Tour_Rook
  2. Time: 2:03.54
  3. Max Speed: 19.2 mph
  4. Average Speed: 14.5 mph
  5. iPod: LOTR Movie Soundtracks
  6. Temperature: 64°F
  7. Wind: N 12 mph
  8. Humidity: 64%

As you can see, I went on an extended leg today. I made it all the way to Moose Lake and back. However, I took many breaks, for breakfast, stretching, and a snack. I actually did not push myself as hard as I could have, knowing that I was going on a long ride. And yet, I managed a very good average speed – for me.

For breakfast I had a half of a #1 at Peggy Sue’s Cafe. It consisted of one egg – basted – half an order of hash-browns, two slices of bacon, and one slice of toast. It was the perfect size meal for the start of my run. I stretched on at least 3 occasions. I also hit the bathroom in Moose Lake, where I also bought a bottle of water to replenish my supply, and because I always buy something when I use a restroom at a gas station. Finally, on the way back I once again stopped at Peggy Sue’s for an order of deep fried breaded mushrooms.

As to listening to the Lord of the Rings soundtracks; I managed to get through the first two and halfway through “The Return of the King;” right up to the start of “The Ride of the Rohirrim.”

Weather wise, I started out with a partly cloudy sky, about half and half. By the time I got to Willow River and Peggy Sue’s it was becoming overcast, with only a few breaks in the clouds. And by Moose Lake it was completely overcast. The temperature was 55° and a wind out of the north at 10 mph when I left the house. The stats about for weather are for when I got home.

2013 Tour De Rook – Leg 13

To the stats!

  1. Miles: 4.60Tour_Rook
  2. Time: 19.34
  3. Max Speed: 17.4 mph
  4. Average Speed: 14.1 mph
  5. iPod: REM – Out of Time
  6. Temperature: 55°F
  7. Wind: N 6 mph
  8. Humidity: 88%

Halfway to Willow River and back. I only had time for a short run. So I decided to keep it within 20 minutes. I at least generated a sweat and got my heart beat up. Now it is time for a shower and then off to work!

2013 Tour De Rook – Leg 12

To the stats!

  1. Miles: 10.59Tour_Rook
  2. Time: 45.21
  3. Max Speed: 26.2 mph
  4. Average Speed: 13.9 mph
  5. iPod: Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon
  6. Temperature: 88° F
  7. Wind: SW 9 G 16 mph
  8. Humidity: 55%

From Rutledge to Finlyason and back. Now, once again, I have to go put away my bike, stretch, and then make myself some supper.

Update: Damn, am I out of it! I had already put away my bike!

2013 Tour De Rook – Leg 11

To the stats!

  1. Miles: 11.36Tour_Rook
  2. Time: 45.26
  3. Max Speed: 18.3 mph
  4. Average Speed: 14.9 mph
  5. iPod: Sheryl Crow – The Essentials
  6. Temperature: 79° F
  7. Wind: N 3 mph
  8. Humidity: 65%

A run a few minutes past Willow River and back. I pushed myself. I like that I almost achieved an average speed of 15 mph. Okay, I have to go put away my bike, stretch, and then make myself some supper.


2013 Tour De Rook – Legs 8, 9, & 10!

To the stats!

Leg 8; Thursday, June 27th, 2013

  1. Miles: 10.50Tour_Rook
  2. Time: 41.57
  3. Max Speed: 26.4 mph
  4. Average Speed: 14.9 mph
  5. iPod: Matchbox 20 – Exile On Mainstream
  6. Temperature: 68° F
  7. Wind: S 3 mph
  8. Humidity: 88%

Leg 9: Saturday, June 29th, 2013

  1. Miles: 11.15
  2. Time: 46.42
  3. Max Speed: 22.3 mph
  4. Average Speed: 14.2 mph
  5. iPod: Moby – Play
  6. Temperature: 72° F
  7. Wind: N 9 mph
  8. Humidity: 73%

Leg 10: Thursday, July 4th, 2013

  1. Miles: 25.62
  2. Time: 1.49.09
  3. Max Speed: 25.6 mph
  4. Average Speed: 14.0 mph
  5. iPod:
    1. Beatles – Abby Road
    2. Rolling Stones – Tattoo You
    3. Toad The Wet Sprocket – Dulcinea
  6. Temperature: 84° F
  7. Wind: S 10 mph with gusts up to 18 mph
  8. Humidity: 48%

Real quick about leg 10; it was a beautiful day for a nice, long bike ride. I thought about going all the way to Hinkley and back, but decided just about 5 miles shy of there to instead head east into Sandstone, then take the bike trail to Banning State Park, and finally head back west on Minnesota 23 where I turned north on Minnesota 18/Pine County 61/Old US 61 back home to Rutledge.

The other 2 legs were once again completed in the morning before work. Both were wonderful mornings, with little wind and nice temperatures.

Over all I am maintaining a pattern of riding. However, I would really like to ride every other day, not this 2 to 3 days apart crap I am managing currently. Part of the problem…… well most of the problem is my health. On Friday of last week I left work 20 minutes after getting there, I felt like complete crap. A head cold. I somehow managed a window Saturday morning where I felt good, hence the bike ride. However, I really otherwise felt crappy all weekend as well, and even into Monday. Now I think I have managed to get past whatever bug was kicking my ass, because I felt pretty damn good today.


2013 tour De Rook – Leg 7

To the stats!

  1. Miles: 11.74Tour_Rook
  2. Time: 45.10
  3. Max Speed: 19.0 mph
  4. Average Speed: 15.5 mph
  5. iPod: Led Zeppelin Mix
  6. Temperature: 63° F
  7. Wind: Calm
  8. Humidity: 100%

It was a bright, beautiful day with a blue sky. The grass was glistening with dew as I brought my bike out from the porch. Peddling my way to County 61 to head north towards Willow River the air brushed cool against my face.

I managed to get halfway between the town of Willow River and the facility where I work. Turning around I noticed the hair on my arms was glistening with dew, sparkling in the morning sunlight.

It was a wonderful, serene ride to start the day.