Blowsery is a word used in an old Pinky & the Brain cartoon. Otherwise it isn’t really a word. Yet, if one steps outside today in the little neighborhood of Smithville, Blowsery is the most appropriate of words.

And at the most inappropriate of times since moving must go on!

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The Jinx is Dead!

Years and years ago it was a given I could not watch the Vikings on TV. If I did, they always lost. Interestingly enough, when I didn’t watch, for whatever reason, they won. So, I made it a habit of simply not watching them. I stuck by that except on a couple of occasions when they looked to be having good seasons. Yes, they lost on those occasions.

Well, I stuck to my guns and didn’t watch the Vikings once this year. But this is a different Vikings team. Gone are the arrogant star players that never lived up to their own hype. Gone are the stories of river boats, hookers, DWI’s, and kicking journalists.

Instead, it’s a team with depth. Injuries have not stopped them. Hell, the 3rd string quarterback is leading this team. This is a well couched, well lead team.

So, I thought, what the hell, I’ll watch them today. I was happy at the end of the first half. I mean, 17 -0! And then it seemed as if the team of old was back. The team that choked. The team that always managed to blow leads and fail to capitalize on opportunities. And then in the last 2 seconds the 60 yard pass play with a wide open field. The Vikings Win!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, yes. The Jinx is broken!

Now, if they can just get to and win the Superbowl,


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Good Morning!

I’m working on my last cup of coffee as well as waiting for the morning to brighten enough to go on a run. It’s 35 degrees out there right now. The wind makes it feel like 25 degrees, but that’s still down right balmy after last week’s morbid temperatures. If it wasn’t for the wind I could see running in short and a t-shirt!

The 10 day forecast shows the temperature dropping back down towards single digits next week. However, it’s above zero, so it’s still tolerable. Anyway, as of right now next Tuesday* Wednesday appears to have a high of 15 degrees. It’s our final moving day when we bring in professionals to move the big stuff. I’m done carrying furniture and appliances up and down stairs. I’m too old for that shit. Tina and I will finish up the small stuff this weekend. By the weekend after we should be settled in!

*Talk about karma. Tina pointed out I had the wrong day. She’s smiling brightly, let me tell you.

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House Pictures.

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As Tina has already announced on Facebook, we’ve moved most of the small stuff from the third-floor room. It’s now at the house. She has a mind of getting the room off from the kitchen packed and moved as well. Again, nothing big. It’s just the stuff we can comfortably handle. Well, as comfortable as possible, considering the cold weather.

And yes, as always, Tina only ever moves on frigidly cold days. She will, of course, blame me.

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Happy New Year

It is on the First Day of January that we renew our commitment to be ourselves. The past is gone, having existed for a moment. No longer will it be clear. For memory, as all things are, is dependent on our clarity of mind at the moment of inception. Awareness of this moment also sets the path for the future. So, as we look forward, remember to enjoy the outcome of the past. Good, bad, or indifferent, our choices to the challenges of yesteryear have resulted in are being who we are right here right now. And who we are is the starting point of who we will become. We are both the ending and the beginning. Always. In every moment.

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If the DSM 5 is going to consider a caffeine substance use disorder, then it damn well better consider an Ice Fishing Personality Disorder as well……..

I’m just saying.

For a friend.

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Fall Grades

Two classes, both with -A! And here’s the kicker – I didn’t put all that much effort into creating quality for the assignments. That is, I didn’t get all worked up about writing the perfect content for my various assignments. I just wrote. I did the work, I didn’t care about the quality of the work.


I did the effort.

And honestly, not all that much effort was required.

Next semester I’m taking three classes. 9 credits. Might have to put more effort into taking the time to do the work. Honestly, I would wait until the day they were due and then get them done. I know I could work on the various assignments earlier, but somehow I couldn’t get motivated until the last day. Funny, but I never felt pressured by time when I did get started. Other than once or twice I managed to get the assignments done with hours to spare before the deadline.

So, I guess you’re wondering – am I bragging or complaining?

Most definitely bragging.

Considering the horror that was school when I was a kid, and even in my 30s when going to college in the earlier 90s for my Alcohol and Drug Counseling certificate, what I’m experiencing now is a joy. I am enjoying the process of learning. In fact, I’m enjoying that I am learning. I’ve given up on worrying about what the teacher thinks of my work and I focus on what I am learning.

It really is about focus isn’t it. I mean, to hell with the grades. To hell with what I think the teacher wants to see. My job is to simply write about what I’ve learned. In the end that’s what counts.

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Excellent Tasting!

I made a fruit smoothie out of the left over fruit salad. It is excellent!

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And I Ran

I ran so far away……….

And I still ended up with frozen toes! Yet it was a good run, though short. I am going to have to do some research on how to keep my toes from freezing when running. Otherwise, I had a good run. Exhilarating, in fact. I will do it again. And soon.

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