Repairs & Reconfigurations To The Castle

So, I’ve installed two window air conditioning units; an 8000 BTU in the kitchen/living room and a 5000 BTU in my bedroom. I actually bought the larger unit yesterday evening after I realized it was close to 95 degrees in the apartment. After getting the thing installed into the window, I tried to use a fan to blow the cold air from the kitchen into my bedroom. Unfortunately, that entitled the cats to come sleep with me.

Cinnamon I don’t mind – she just wants to be petted for a bit, then lays down next to me and sleeps. However, Kang wants to snuggle up close, kneed whatever limb (or face!) is closest, likes to climb up on top of me, then starts demanding I play with him. He kept me up all damn night. So, today I went and got the smaller one.

Anyway, those were the reconfigurations. The repair was my sink drain. The collar/drain that screws onto the through pipe cracked off. So I had to get a new one. I just finished installing that only minutes ago. It’s nice to have an operational sink in the bathroom again.

Next, I’m cutting up the cardboard from the air conditioning packaging to wedge into – and block the light from – the rest of the window in the bedroom.


Author: Rook

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