How Do I Feel?

Like Crap!

Oh, there is no pain. I just have pressure. Lots and lots of pressure. Mostly in my right nostril. My left nostril is not only somewhat clear, it has stopped bleeding, for the most part. Unfortunately my right nostril is not quite up to pace. It actually has most of the pressure. Also, it still likes to bleed from time to time. Thankfully it is not gushing, or dripping for extended periods of time. I get a small drop that likes to run into my mustache if I do not catch it in time. In fact, for just such emergencies I have a roll of toilet paper handy.

So, I am thinking it is movie time today. I cannot decide on Daniel Craig’s Bond movies, LOTR, or The Matrix trilogy.


Author: Rook

If I had wanted cream and sugar, why order the damn coffee?