Okay, This Time It Worked

Just so you know, I had my sinuses roto-routered finally. Well, it was more than that; I had some bone removed from my nose, I had old bacterial residue removed from my sinuses, and I had polyps removed. Funny thing, I had the surgery yesterday. Today all I feel is major nasal congestion. I am not feeling any discomfort beyond that. I did take some pain medication yesterday, but the last dose I took was at midnight. So far today, nothing.

I was lead to believe I would be experiencing pain. However, my nose is inconsistently dripping blood. I do not have to have my nose bandaged up, I just need napkins or gauze standing by to catch what little leaks out.

I am suppose to rinse with saline solution three times a day. I think I waiting too long to start the rinsing. My nose is definitely clogged with dried blood. Still, if I work at it slowly, I should be cleaned out in a day or so.


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