NOT Getting Work Done

Well, that did not go as planned. Seems I have a strange shaped throat. As a result, my surgeon was not able to intubate me properly. So, after a half hour of trying various ways to get a seal, they gave up. This was suppose to be outpatient surgery. Instead, I am going to have to have the surgery in a hospital. Supposedly they have better means at intubating. I suspect that means I will be staying overnight. I can only imagine the worse possible outcomes at this time.

Seriously, it hurt so bad just to breath after they tried to intubate me yesterday. I cannot imagine all that they might have to do to keep my blood properly oxygenated. I figure I will have both a major headache for days after the surgery, as well as one mean sore throat.

So, here I am today, with a sore throat, still wiped from the anesthesia, and I am wondering how I am going to rearrange my schedule at work.


Author: Rook

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