For The Record……

No, I will not go back to smoking marijuana if it becomes legal.

(truthout) But there is a populist revolt brewing. Beginning with state legalization of marijuana use for easing medical pain, the movement to fully decriminalize pot has picked up steam as the voters of Washington and Colorado approved an end to marijuana prohibition.

As with many trends, California is pointing the way. Doug Fine, author and rancher, detailed how the de facto tolerance for marijuana farms and use in Mendocino County is likely a harbinger for a new green economic revolution in the United States: a legalized pot industry.

However, I still believe it should be legal. It is not a harmless drug, by a long shot. Yet, it is far less harmful than alcohol, which directly (i.e., by using it, not by violence associated with selling) kills more people than all the other drugs combined.

Update: Edited to eliminate redundancies. Oh, and because I am an anal-retentive perfectionist.

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  1. Dennis says:

    very interesting points of view I must say……I say legalize all drugs only because it is a loss cause trying to stop it……… many in jail……crazy……..

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