Good Morning!

I’m working on my last cup of coffee as well as waiting for the morning to brighten enough to go on a run. It’s 35 degrees out there right now. The wind makes it feel like 25 degrees, but that’s still down right balmy after last week’s morbid temperatures. If it wasn’t for the wind I could see running in short and a t-shirt!

The 10 day forecast shows the temperature dropping back down towards single digits next week. However, it’s above zero, so it’s still tolerable. Anyway, as of right now next Tuesday* Wednesday appears to have a high of 15 degrees. It’s our final moving day when we bring in professionals to move the big stuff. I’m done carrying furniture and appliances up and down stairs. I’m too old for that shit. Tina and I will finish up the small stuff this weekend. By the weekend after we should be settled in!

*Talk about karma. Tina pointed out I had the wrong day. She’s smiling brightly, let me tell you.


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