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I am not a paid spokesperson so you can breathe a sigh of relief that this is not a commercial. Tina and I both have FitBit products. Both have had problems. Yet, when I contacted customer service via Live Chat, my issues were resolved immediately and without undue hassle. In fact, I can say they had no requirements what-so-ever. In the case of my FitBit HR, the band broke and they replaced it with no questions asked. With Tina’s Zip, it seemed there was something wrong that it never read the power level of the battery correctly, causing issues with it syncing, etc. In this case they were able to access Tina’s FitBit account and see the same issue. Again, they simply are willing to replace the product with no need to ship the defective product to them, or to have any type of receipt, etc.

This is customer service. I’d recommend buying their products every time. In fact, when I am ready I will be upgrading to a more expensive watch. At this point, though, I’m happy with what I have.

I just wish they’d improve their apps ability to post to the internet.

No one is perfect.

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