Enjoying The Deck.

Right now I am sitting outside on the deck, enjoying the noise of the neighborhood. In addition to the sounds of cars and people, there has been the incessant chatter of the red squirrel. He’s been maintaining a strict watch on other woodland animal. Specifically the gray squirrels. He finished chasing one away as I was creating the last post. There was also a large red-crested woodpecker picking away at the remains of the suet we had out for the Cardinals. I would have taken a picture but the distance was too far and despite the advances in cameras on phones, it would have been hell to zoom in.

Oh, and I’m waiting for Tina to come back from her walk. The last I checked she was almost to the 95th Ave trail head for the Munger. I suspect she went right on by and headed to the Munger inn. She probably wanted her 5 miles in.

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