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Old Navy Joke

I heard a joke in the Navy: A detail of Marines is marching along at the San Diego Naval base. Suddenly a sailor appears on top of a hill nearby and starts screaming obscenities and insults at them. The detail’s … Continue reading

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When it Rains

It pours? I mean…… WOW! Hell of an opening act. Let’s get something straight – despite the soon to be pearl-clutching Trump supporters claims otherwise – this is no small fry. He was the Chairman of Trumps campaign. On top … Continue reading

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Future Postings

I’ve got a bunch of runs saved from the past two to three weeks that I will eventually get around to posting. With winter here (for the moment) I’m taking advantage of my Anytime Fitness membership. Nothing too extreme though. … Continue reading

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Another Successful Completion

I am most happy. I managed to already complete my assignments that were due by 11:55 PM tonight. I even managed to do so without feeling rushed or under the gun. Granted, I could have done a more thorough job … Continue reading

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The Incremental Marathon, Continued

Like I stated on my Facebook page, today’s run was by far my best. I may not have set any pace or speed records, but I stayed in the Cardio range with my heart rate. I didn’t hit peak once. … Continue reading

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With Time to Spare!

I finished all assignments due for my two classes today. I’m taking Tina to her procedure tomorrow morning so I’ll bring my books with for next week’s assignments and readings. Now it’s time for me to go to bed

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Progress on Wednesday Deadlines!

I finished reading the 3 chapters for one of my classes last night and managed to write the two original posts due by the end of the day. I still have a chapter to read in my other course with … Continue reading

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The Incremental Marathon Continues

                I’m very happy with this run. It was my third run in three days. And my best pace of the three. Afterwards, after doing a good massage of my Achilles’ Tendons and … Continue reading

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Today’s Run

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Exercise Catch up

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