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Using Stress to Deal With Stress?

I must be crazy. Seriously bat guava crazy to physically stress my body with over 3 mile runs for 45 minutes just to deal with the stress of my life. I understand the paradox. Really, I do. Hell, I teach … Continue reading

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Helpless And Powerless

Tina has a migraine. She is miserable. And there’s not a damn thing I can do to help her. Lord knows I want to. But I can’t. And it’s breaking my heart to see her suffer like this.

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Stayed Home

My alarm went off at its usual time this morning and I knew instantly that I couldn’t make it to work. It wasn’t that I was seriously in pain, or that I had a major cold, or some such thing. … Continue reading

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After Run Post

Or more appropriately – after shower/after run post. I’m feeling clean and refreshed. I was afraid my run would tire me out. So, that’s good. Anyway, I’m getting ready to finish the last 3rd of the 3rd chapter of my … Continue reading

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I’m trying to wake up. I need to get going on my school work. I’ve Friday’s lecture to watch, as well as the Chapter 3 quiz to take (which was recommended for completion by Friday). Yeah, I’m stalling. And there’s … Continue reading

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My Morning Chuckle!

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This shirt states exactly how I feel during and after I run. And even this morning.

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