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There is no Try

There’s no such thing as “trying to give.” Give or give not. It’s that when giving, understand the expectation of having it returned is the bigger problem. That kind of control is beyond our ability. So give without expectation, and know you are the better for it. Love comes in ways we cannot force or command.


Good Morning World

Nothing much to really say, other than I spent some time reading my text book again. Where once this time in the morning was spent writing in my journal, it will now be spent doing school work.

Oh, and I finished chapter two, which was statistics. Chapter three is brain biology. Ugh.


The Trump campaign held a rally to get Latino support in Anaheim, California. It was called “Operation Taco Bowl.” Really. Are they planning an “Operation Watermelon” in Watts to get out the black vote, or is that too on the nose?

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A Return to College

Well, I’m up to page 72, in the second chapter, of my textbook for the Introduction to Psychology class. Granted, the class – online – doesn’t start until September 9th, but I wanted to get a head start. So far, some new things have been introduced. But, for the most part, it’s not anything I haven’t learned from various CEU courses I’ve taken for my LADC license or from high school.

However, it’s just the start. I’m sure I’ll be introduced to new concepts and ideas as I progress into the book, as well as getting into the actually class itself.

The one area that the book delved into right away was pseudoscience. Though I’d never actually studied anything about it, I was pretty much in agreement about what it is. I also understood most of the stuff about bias, etc.

I really am looking forward to starting the class. Just waiting on the instructor to email me the syllabus for the class. I doubt we’re covering ever single page of the book. My experience with taking classes though the College of Continuing Education taught me that almost every book I had to buy I only ended up reading just small sections for class. Hell, there was one required book that was not even assigned for reading in classes. We were just supposed to read the whole thing. I don’t remember there ever being a discussion, quiz, or test on the thing. Yet it is was probably the most influential book I’ve ever read about counseling.

But that’s a post for another time.

Unlinear Time

(WWDN) I wish time wasn’t linear.

I’ve never considered time as linear. Instead, I think it is a function of our speed and position from the center of the universe.

That is all.

Carry on.