Monthly Archives: June 2016

Went for a Run

Made myself do a 3.21 mile run today after work. So, that means as I type this I am exhausted. Yet, despite being exhausted I still did the dishes and prepared the coffee pots for tomorrow morning. Yes, doing the dishes just made me sweat more. I use straight hot water when washing dishes so I do the wimpy thing and wear insulated rubber Playtex gloves. Nice thing about using straight hot water is they dry quicker after rinsing.

Next? Shower then bed. Oh, but probably an Italian Ice before all that.


Another Morning!

I managed a damn good night sleep. Woke up refreshed and full of energy. So, I am hopeful for today.

On another, totally different, subject – I signed up for college the other month. Last night I registered for an online class. I’m still working on the registration for admission into the specific college; I have to get a hold of my high school transcripts. That’s a scary proposition as I graduated over 42 years ago, and then just barely.

Anyway, another fine adventure I’ve set for myself.


So, despite a bad night’s sleep I still managed to get up early enough to do my morning routine. Now, of course, it’s off to the shower. Hopefully my day goes better than for the person whom the ambulance just delivered to the hospital a few minutes ago.

You all have a good day as well. Grace out people. Grace out.

Winding Down

Winding down the day. Had some excellent blue cheese and mushroom burgers that Tina made up and I fried. With a pasta salad. An excellent Sunday night meal. Now I’m just waiting for the sixth season’s last episode of “Game of Thrones.” It should be interesting to see how it ends. I would have thought the battle scenes in the last episode would have been great season enders, but that’s not been the manner of this series since the beginning. They craft the best cliff hangers.

After A Week Off

So, after taking over a week off from exercising, I went for a run today. Of course, the app “MapMyRun” already posted an account of how I did on Facebook. To be honest, I started out strong and ran an 11.09 mile, with some of that being up hill. However, after that first mile it went downhill from there.

First, I decided to run along a railroad track. Not a commercial track, but a tourist’s track that runs upstream along the St. Louis River. Needless to say, that slowed me down considerably. Oh, it was a beautiful run, but trying not to trip on the ties slowed me down. Plus, the track had a gradual incline.

Second, when the track reached the Morgan Park area, I had to run up an even steeper hill. At that point my heart rate was up over 160. In fact, it peaked at 175. Surprisingly, it didn’t feel all that bad. My sinuses must have improved because I didn’t get any blood throbbing in my vision, and I don’t feel the usual exhaustion that immediately hits when I push myself that hard.

Third, I dressed a bit too heavy for today. Granted, I chose a white t-shirt. But I should have put on shorts instead of the nylon exercise pants. But I knew I was going to  run along the track and didn’t want the foilage to scratch my legs.

Overall though, it was a good run. I’m happy with it.