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In The Air

There is a sadness in the air this morning. Not a bad sadness. Not a depressing sadness. Just a sadness of acceptance. I really can’t explain beyond that. As always, words fail. They always fail. Anyway – sadness. Sometimes I … Continue reading

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Because my girlfriend, Tina, was too chicken to post this video on Facebook! Please follow and like us:

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Cinnamon’s Resting Place

Honestly, she lays right there when I am writing in my journal every morning. She will either lay her head on my arm while I am writing, or she’ll reach out her paw and place it on my forearm. Please … Continue reading

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Lord Acton on Liberty in 2016 | The Agonist

Which politician seeks power to do the right thing? And don’t give me that crap about differing opinions about what the ‘right thing’ is. Peace and prosperity, justice and humanity, opportunity and community are about as basic ‘right things’ as … Continue reading

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